Sunday, September 30, 2007

Whats all the ruckus about with the HHCF?

Look above for the answer. Then wipe the drool off your lip. The HHCF 1st Chess Kings Invitational belt is under lock and key in a safe deposit box at a local bank. It was crafted by the men that make belts for the UFC, WWE and other fighting organizations. In November we will begin working with them on the next belt for our next chess competition.

Oct. 13th is the date. 8 rappers and martial artists, 1 belt. Don't miss it.

Bring ya mind, ya kids, ya cousins and come see history unfold.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

The HHCF Invites Bill O'Reilly to 1st Chess Kings Invitational

Dear Mr. Bill O'Reilly,

As you may already know, on October 13, 2007, the Hip-Hop Chess Federation (HHCF) is scheduled to host the Chess Kings Invitational and Scholarship Tournament. The HHCF is a non-profit organization that uses music, chess and martial arts to promote unity, strategy and nonviolence.

As founders of the HHCF, we respect your intelligence and often appreciate your intent on most issues. However, over the years, I have become increasingly concerned with your attempts to denigrate the Urban Communities and specifically the Hip-Hop Community. I believe you to be a man who often goes against the grain of satisfying everyone and often choosing to just go with your heart. Because of this, I am confused as to why you choose to join the mainstream, out of touch, understanding of Hip-Hop and its effect on the nation.

I will say that I do not support every twist and turn Hip-Hop has taken over the last decade plus. But like life in general, you are not going to like everything your high school friend does. Therefore you must enjoy the aspects you still love while trying to help mold the items you don't love into something you can learn to love again.

Throughout the years, you have painted this slanted image of what the subculture of Rap is about and the content you have grow so deeply to rally against. Now, I am not sure how many rap songs you have listened to over the years, but I am pretty certain based on your comments over the years, you haven't spent any true time in researching this genre. For every 50 Cent single that hits the airwaves there are triple the amount of positive Hip-Hop songs that never make the airwaves.

I believe that your ugly, slanted and negative views of Hip-Hop are created by your lack of knowledge, research and overall desire to just be a part of the discussion. I can't help but question the charge you lead against Pepsi for choosing Ludacris as a spokesperson. Although I agreed that his music is very influential and should he should be hired as a spokesperson for a product geared towards mature young adults and above. However, he does a lot for the youth despite the nature of much of his content. This you cannot deny. But then, Pepsi launches a campaign with the drug addicted and vulgar Osbourne Family. I did not see you display the same level of outrage! What happened?

That very action alone makes millions of viewers wonder if you were really concerned about the well being of today's youth. It seems you just flat out have issues with those in underserved communities and the artistic outlets that help them get through life with a sense of being.

Recently your image was once again tarnished by your poorly planned verbalization of your statement on Blacks in restaurants. I am sure in your opinion, this was just overblown. However, the masses do not seem to feel this way. This situation was just proof to the HHCF that you have not received the proper exposure to all the positive aspects of Hip-Hop.

The HHCF is extending an invitation for you to attend the HHCF Chess Kings Invitational and Scholarship Tournament. At this venue, you will be engage with rappers, athletes and the many others in a positive community event. In addition, you are invited to participate in the HHCF and Commonwealth Clubs panel "Life Strategies: The Blueprint for Victory". This panel will explore positive strategies youth in underserved communities can implement to improve their future and the future of their communities. I am certain you could add some positive insight.

We send you this open invitation in hopes that you will start enjoying the positive aspects of the urban music industries and the communities that embrace them.

Adisa Banjoko & Leo Libiran

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Okwerdz and T-K.A.S.H. @ 1st Annual Chess Kings Invitational

Okwerdz jacks T-K.A.S.H. for his rook as both prepare for Oct. 13th. Chalk another one up for Stockton!

Next time you wanna have some fun, get together with some friends and break out some chess. Forget the King's Indian and the Sicilian Dragon- just kick it.

This is why I love chess. Beyond the techniques and the algebraic notation, etc., it's just a great game. I never get tired of watching folks get their's on...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Rakaa of Dilated Peoples Hosting 1st Annual Chess Kings Invitational Oct. 13th in SF!!

Commonwealth Club Announces Tix for 1st Annual Chess Kings Invitational ON SALE NOW!!

Commonwealth Club's INFORUM is sponsoring our panel. Panelists include:

DEAN JOHNSON, Lawyer and Legal Analyst
JOSH WAITZKIN, Author, The Art of Learning
THE RZA, Artist, The Wu-Tang Clan
ADISA BANJOKO, Author; Journalist; Radio Host; Co-founder, Hip-Hop Chess Foundation – Moderator
Other Celebrity Panelist TBA

INFORUM is teaming up with the Hip-Hop Chess Federation for its first annual Chess Kings Invitational tournament and exhibition on October 13th in San Francisco. Our panel discussion will focus on the experiences of high-profile artists, athletes and authors to teach how powerful a role strategy can play in everyday life. The panel will be preceded by a VIP celebrity luncheon and will be followed by an All-Star celebrity chess tournament and the invitational scholarship tournament.




DJ QBert Will Be Playing at 1st Chess Kings Invitational!!!!

Here is a clip from one of my favorite Hip-Hop movies ever...WAVE TWISTERS!!

All you kids, please watch GM Magnus Carlsen!!


I play chess just to get by....It keeps me sane

For all the people just starting in chess, this is a great start

Jerry at the Chess Network gives very clear concepts on how to to begin wagin war on the 64.

On the same theme, GZA from Wu-Tang gives his General Principles:

GZA will be at the Hip-Hop Chess Federation's 1st Chess Kings Invitational on Oct. 13th 2007.

If you wanna be a champion, raise your hand...Now watch this and go be one...

Watch this'll learn a lot more than just the game...

Plus the music is great...Reminds me of Howlin' Wolf! No kids, he is not a rapper.

For all the mothers who lost their children to violence

A quick shout out to all my brothers who crossed over to the other realm. I miss you all.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

HHCF Feat On Swedish TV!! English Subtitles Are Below

We are the first story in the news! The Mitt i Schack Team has been real supportive of our organization. All of us at the HHCF want to give a big thanks to helping the HHCF reach our chess family across the water.

To see more of these fantastic shows, visit:

Thursday, September 6, 2007

When Thugs Cry: An Unknown Tupac Story

Recently the internet started buzzing because of a cool conversation between legendary rapper Talib Kweli and Public Enemy front man Chu...