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Reflect deeply on this...

Its so hard to kill the enemy in the mirror...

Swedish TV Show Profiles the HHCF!

Amazing demonstration by Shaolin Monks!

KPFA Covers the Hip-Hop Chess Federation!

NEW VIDEO: Exclusive of the Chess Kings Invitational!

Fantastic Josh Waitzkin interview on ABC News!! Parents and Educators please pay attention...

I'm addicted to Chesspark....

Geek TV on the HHCF. Irina Slutsky Rules! (PURE COMEDY!)

NY Times: Chess Helps Kids Improve Math Skills

Chessmaster for NintendoDS Hits the Store Shelves Today!

The Chess Drum Interviews Chess Teacher D'Lamont Robinson.

One of the Bays best journalists and one of the Bays best educatos write on the HHCF...

There is a big difference between a fighter and a martial artist...Which one are you?

On Centering the Mind.

Watch Clip from Chess Kings Invitational! Brought to you by Oakland Tribune!

RZA, GZA, HHCF on The New York Times!

HHCF Official Announcement. (PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE!)

Please check out the latest news on the HHCF!! We're blowin' up the spot!

RZA Goes Undefeated at Chess Kings Invitational

Adisa Banjoko & T-K.A.S.H. on NPR w/ Farai Chidea

Photos of the Chess Kings Invitational By Photoscribe Eric K. Arnold

Free Copies of Josh Waitzkin in Limited Number at HHCF Oct. 13th

Lyrical Swords Vol. 2: Westside Rebellion BACK IN PRINT

Casual Talks About His Quest for the HHCF Belt! Will Wu-Tang Keep It From Him???

Chessmaster Josh Waitzkin Has a Message for Shock Jock Howard Stern!!!

RZA & GZA of Wu-Tang Clan @ 1st Annual Chess Kings Invitational

HHCF 8 Man Tournament Made into 10 Man Battle Royale!!!

Gracie Jiu Jitsu MMA Fighter Ralek Gracie @ 1st Annual Chess Kings Invitational! This is a MUST SEE Interview!!!

Chessmaster Josh Waitzkin Speaking at 1st Annual Chess Kings Invitational!!!

HHCF Proudly Announces UFC Veteran Jeff Monson in Oct. 13th

HHCF Adds Scholastic Tournament to Oct. 13th Event!!!

Teach your kids this song here!! Bill O'Reilly knows nothing about Nas!!!

HHCF Founders on KPIX w/ Sydnie Kohara

There is nothing to SEE here- just LISTEN....