The Chess Drum Interviews Chess Teacher D'Lamont Robinson.

Adisa interviews D'Lamont
(Left to Right) Adisa Banjoko gaining wisdom from D'Lamont Robinson

D'Lamont Robinson is a jewel of wisdom for the Bay Area. I met him shortly before the first HHCF San Jose event. He reached out to offer his help....I guess he knew Leo and I would need it.

D'Lamont Robinson has attended every HHCF event since its inception. He teaches those that don't know chess how to play the game at every event. D'Lamont has never given a lesson that failed to reach the heart and mind of the student before him. I've seen him teach people the deeper wisdom, strength and beauty of chess. I am one of them.

Beyond his skills as a chess teacher, he is a magnificent poet and thinker. For Leo and I, D'Lamont has been a constant source of inspiration. The HHCF is real big on making sure the youngsters have respect for the elders. We want to make it clear that there is a big difference between an elder and an old person.

Some people live their entire lives contributing, and sharing very little. They bicker about what the young people do, but never reflect on how they got there (or how they might be able to get out)...They denigrate the art and wisdom of their chilren. The old people really believe that the youth are the problem with America. They never think of the youth as the solution for saving America. Those are the old people.

The elders are the ones that have fought, given, loved, taught and nurtured young folks more than most. He earned the title of elder by virtue of their compassion for the world- not just by sitting on this spinning planet.

Daaim Shabazz of interivewed D'Lamont at The Chess Kings Invitational. I encourage young and old to soak up up the wisdom.

Listen here.

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