Lyrical Swords Vol. 2: Westside Rebellion BACK IN PRINT

The first book series to link Hip-Hop, chess and martial arts it back!

Lyrical Swords Vol. 2: Westside Rebellion, on YinSumi Press is BACK!

There will be copies for sale at the 1st Annual Chess Kings Invitational as well as online at .

Running and indie press is no joke. But, we're back in full force. Lyrical Swords Vol. 1: Hip-Hop & Politics in the Mix is out of print and will remain that way. But, as I understand, you can still get one off Amazon.

I want to thank all those who helped make this series possible. Especially my wife.

For those wondering, Lyrical Swords Vol. being written as we speak. Look for it in 2008!

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