Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bay Area G's Get Wild on the Rank and File! Balance and Big Rich Talk to The Bishop of Hip-Hop.

Today I had the distinct pleasure to interview two of the Bay's finest MCs. Balance and Big Rich met with me to talk about their new LP, Unda Dogg Kingz. For those that don't know, Big Rich is from the Fillmore section of San Francisco and Balance represents Oakland. Five or ten years ago, there was so much war in the streets that an album like this was virtually unthinkable. Their album is a testament to rappers seeing the power of unity. It is a huge step toward dope beats, bomb rhymes and brotherhood in Hip-Hop. All the so-called Hip-Hop intellectuals in the world will never have the effect on the streets that these two do. The endless hours of coffee house banter from Hip-Hop activists has nothing on three minutes from one track of Balance and Big Rich.

One of Rich's entourage saw the boards I had brought to give Balance and Big Rich and wanted to get down on the 64. Our minds locked horns on the board while I interviewed the two Unda Dogg Kingz of Hip-Hop. The full interview drops soon. The photos from the game are below.

Balance and Big Rich build on Hip-Hop unity and raw rhymes.

Igor (playing black) and The Bishop (playing white) clash on the 64 squares of eternal combat.

The Bishop tightens the tactical chokehold forcing Igor to resign. This match was very even. It was anybodys game until the very end.

Igor and The Bishop break bread on the boards. Real G's set it off on the 64.
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