Hip-Hop Chess Federation Recieves 2007 Edgies Award!!

Big shout out to all the supporters of the HHCF for making us one of the fastest growing Hip-Hop non-profits in the game. I opened up the East Bay Express and was humbled to see that WE (that means EVERYBODY who has helped the HHCF grow) got the coveted EDGIE y'all!!! Check it out below!!!!!

Stereotype-Busting Award:

The Hip-Hop Chess Federation

The South Bay-based organization teamed with video game maker Ubisoft and Wu-Tang members RZA and GZA for a radical makeover of chess' stodgy image. The Federation made the 64 squares seem cool for young people of all ethnicities and economic backgrounds, instead of an old man's game, putting ignorance in check (mate).

Other Edgies winners (Public Enemy, Barack Obama and Kevin Epps and others) can be seen here:

In celebration we will get down to the video below. In 2008 the HHCF is not to be taken lightly...We ain't no joke.


Much thanks and appreciation to all our supporters. Much love goes out to all the schools that have participted at our events. Much blessings to the parents of the children who support our vision. The HHCF also wants to thank Josh Waitzkin, Phil Shpilberg, Sam Saliba, Maya Kamath, Daaim Shabazz, Popaster Fabel, Christie Z, Gumby and the OTM family, Ubisoft and Chesspark.com, Patrick Mahoney, Jack Mofitt, Brian Zisk, Driftwood, Shamako Noble, Dlabrie, Ethyx, Nate Mezmer, Casual, Amir Sulaiman, Ralek Gracie, Sunspot Jonz, DJ Kevvy Kev, Paris, T-K.A.S.H., Rakaa Iriscience, Monk, GZA and RZA! There are tons of other MC's, DJ's, B-boy's, B-girls, Poppers, Lockers, Graff writers and chess lovers that help make everything we do happen.

A special note of appreciation is given to Dr. Alan Kirshner and the Calchess.org team. He has been one of the earliest and honest supporters of the HHCF.

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