Weyland from KPFA takes a hard loss to Adisa Banjoko

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Weyland from KPFA's Hard Knock Radio had his king crushed by The Bishop

Today was a great day! I went to the KPFA Crafts and Music fair in SF. I had a beautiful time out there. I met some cool people, sold a few Lyrical Swords, chessboards and ate some fantastic vegan Thai food. I'm not a vegan (I can't get down with the lack of flavor sometimes). But this was gooooooooood!!! Mmmmm-mmm!! I might have to switch teams and go meatless.

The highlight of my day however, was my long awaited clash with Weyland from Hard Knock Radio!!! I can't lie, Weyland had a pretty good game. He said he ain't played in 10 years (which I'm not sure I'm buying right now). At one point, he seiously was an inch away from checkmate. I played Russian roulette for about 1/2 the game trying to attack him from my queenside in hopes that he would not see it. He never saw it. But he still gave me drama in the black and white jungle.

We had crowds of about 5 to 15 people throughout the match. I had a blast but now- Weyland wants revenge. I have step my game up y'all!! I keep skating by.

Much love and thanks to Weyland and all my extended family at KPFA for the food, fun and good vibes. Weyland is on the prowl for The Bishop!! I need to call Waitzkin for back up.

The REAL question is, when will Davey D come out of hiding and take his chess beating like a true G? I got love for Dave, but his day of recoking on the 64 is coming. He don't wanna feel the wrath of my chess math!! LOL...


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