Bobby Fischer dies at 64...

This is the Fischer we knew and loved...

The icon is gone. Bobby Fischer is dead. He is the reason most Americans take pride in chess. He's the reason so many have aspired to be great on these boards. Just saying his name made you want to play better.

However, at the hight of his game, he just dissapeared. He became a recluse and said many things that were negative about America and about the Jewish people.
People say that sometimes, chess can become an obsession that makes a person lose their mind. It appears that Bobby Fischer may have been one of those people.

I was always in hope of him snapping out of it. I envisioned him one day just walking into Washington Square Park and putting the smackdown on any takers. I thought he'd hop up and challenge Kasparov or invite Josh Waitzkin to a game (he was always searching).

But this? For me, this is a tragic death. Not just because of of who he was, but how he died- alone and apparently confused. Some would argue that he died without excercising his full potential (despite all the amazing things he did). Others might say he had done what he came to do. Its all so odd.

I also think its ironic that he lived one year for each square on the board. I wonder if he wanted it that way?

I don't know which Bobby Fischer the world will remember. The clean cut champion or the the buckwild, hateful, lunatic. I will try to remember the best he gave to the boards. I think when someone dies, you should hold onto the best, and let God handle the rest.

I just hope he is able to find the peace through death, that he never found on the chessboard of life.

-Adisa Banjoko, CEO HHCF

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