HHCF Exclusive Interview with Scarface!!

As promised, the Hip-Hop Chess Federation will begin 2008 bringin' you exclusive interivews with the best artists on earth. We start with the living legend known as Scarface. Scarface is one of the best rappers of all time. Before crunk was dream in Lil Jon’s trunk- The Geto Boys ran the South. Scarface, Willie D and Bushwick Bill changed Hip-Hop forver. In order for T.I., Luda, Lil Wayne, etc., to have a crown to fight over- somebody had to make it first. All of today’s Southern rappers should hit one knee and recognize the presence of the eternal King of the South. Cop the new Scarface solo release, Made asap!

In this interview, Scarface talks about the early years of the rap game, fatherhood and chess.

HHCF: What did it take to make a hit rap record back in the day when you dropped We Can’t Be Stopped ?

Scarface: I don’t know. We just wrote what we felt. We just wrote our feelings, man. We didn’t do anything spectacular. We wrote the moment.

HHCF: So now we fast-forward to 2007. What does it take now?

Scarface: The same thing. Write the moment. Whatever is going on at that moment is what you need to write.

HHCF: But when you dropped We Can’t Be Stopped there were not all of today’s advertising tools and digital media forms. How do you approach putting an LP out today as opposed to ten years ago?

Scarface: Ten year ago we relied on word of mouth., publications, billboards, bus stop ads- now you just go online. Google what is coming out next! If you go online right now you can find out what’s coming out tomorrow. Now you can go online and do in seconds what it used to take weeks to get out, otherwise.

I like the conventional way of getting things out. The internet has its pros and cons.

HHCF: Do you yourself get online and try to measure the market and see where things are at?

Scarface: No, I don’t. I use the internet to look up stuff that interests me. I do not look up record sales, or who likes me or who doesn’t.

HHCF: How do you keep yourself in the mix? I mean, you are a star- so maybe the mix is coming to you.

Scarface: I’m a Geto Boy in real life. I’m from the ghetto, and in the ghetto all the time. I sit in my neighborhood and do what I do. Play cards and dominoes, drink- everyday. It’s not a shock to see me in my neighborhood. Some stars go to their hood and everybody wants to take pictures with them- because they never see ‘em. I am always in there. I never left.

HHCF: So when you look at different rappers now who have a platinum ringtone before their album drops- what do you make of that? Its it good? Is it bad? Does it matter?

Scarface: I ean if they are getting paid for it its cool. If its gonna keep them out the streets and outta the penal system- F!@# it. Sell you some ringtones. As long as they are not in the penitentiary giving away that free labor, I’m cool.

HHCF: How would you rate the quality verses the quality of rap today verse ten years ago?

Scarface: Ten years ago, honestly- on a scale of one to ten in the high nines.

HHCF: What is it today?

Scarface: I can’t even answer that. Some people still take the art seriously. You can always bank on Dr. Dre to have an amazing album come out. There are still people that take rap seriously, believe it or not.

HHCF: Who are your three favorite producers and lyricists?

Scarface: Producers? Dre, Marley Marl, Tone Capone and [inaudible] Joe. I could say those four. Lyricists? All of them- especially Souljah Boy.

HHCF: OK- I’m not even going to quote you on that because I know you are joking. So, I’ll just erase that part. Seriously, who do you like?

Scarface: Souljah Boy is the best rapper since me! I ain’t BS’ing. He ain’t trying to overdo it. I do not know what he’s saying- but it sounds like a winner to me, man!

HHCF: I really can’t tell if you are joking or not- and its bothering me.

Scarface: I’m not joking. I like Souljah Boy. He sold a lot of ringtones for real. Listen to what I’m saying. He did this s!@# himself- he’s seventeen. You’re talking to me about business? He blew himself up- feel me? That’s a business minded seventeen year old. As the parent of a 17 year old, I have to respect that.

What is he saying? I don’t know what the F!@# he is saying. But I think he’s brilliant.

HHCF: Isn’t it funny that the parents of kids who listened to the Geto Boys didn’t know what y’all were saying? Now we got kids who listen to rappers like Souljah Boy and we’re like “What’s he saying?

Scarface: What is he saying?!?!? But I tell you what! I coach little league football. If one of the kids on the field plays that song there will be no peace on my sideline!! I coach seven and eight year olds. As soon as the first notes drop- they go nuts on both sides of the field. You know he blew himself up right?

HHCF: Yep, on the myspace and youtube shot.

Scarface: That’s amazing right? I think there is something to him. If he could blow himself up, what could he do with the next guy that’s really doing something.?!?

HHCF: What are three rules of business that you live by?

Scarface: I refuse to be denied. I refuse to compromise. I will not kiss a** to be accepted.

HHCF: I think I saw you on MTV or BET and you had a chessboard in your home. Are you a chess player?

Scarface: Everyday in life. I love the game. All my movements are eight moves ahead.

HHCF: What are the best three books that taught you about living life?

Scarface: The Bell Curve, Behold A Pale Horse and the Holy Qu’ran.

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