HHCF Mind Over Matter Updates!!

OK folks, as you can imagine things are pretty crazy. Josh Waitzkin called, he's in town already...Shipments of games and books and other goodies are arriving...The news is spreading all over the net, the schools and the block.

We're gonna have tons of open gaming, amazing panels (you know how we bring it), jiu jitsu and judo exhibitions, chess tutorials, book and video game give aways, movie screenings- all kinds of stuff!! HHCF events bring people together that you would never expect. You will make friends you'll never forget and teach others about beauty of unity.


I'm excited beyond words. You know, we had no major sponsorship for this event. Not in the way of funding it. Private sponsors who care made this event happen. In these rugged economic times, to know that true open hearts still beat- means a lot. Because we do this for the kids.


When I say we, I mean everybody you see and don't see in the HHCF. There are tons of people who help out with the HHCF strictly for the love of the youth and the community. It might be some of the good people in the Universal Zulu Nation, Christie Z, Popmaster Fabel, Hip-Hop Congress and so many others who helped HHCF announce the event. It might be people who came to the last event (or those that just heard about it) and donated a few dollars to help out. Guerrilla Funk, Chesspark, Ubisoft and others donate technology (and technical know how) to help us be more efficient. Others help us set up in the AM or break it all down in the PM. The Riekes Center for Human Enhancement donated the venue. Folks like RZA, Rakaa, Josh, Paris, Immortal Technique, JT The Bigga Figga, T-KASH, Balance, San Quinn, Mike Pechina, Denny Prokopos, Gumby and the OTM team who donate their time and knowledge to spread wisdom to the youth.

These people give because they truly care about the youth. Many hours have been spent by folks most of you will never know, because they truly care about people they will probably never meet. Its so humbling. There are no words to truly express our eternal gratitude we have for you all.


We expect a pretty big crowd, but its a pretty big place! Please try to come early (remember its FREE so when we hit capacity- thats it). We also plan to show 36 Chambers of Shaolin and Searching for Bobby Fischer.

On a sad note, due to unexpected scheduling conflicts Ralek Gracie will be unable to make it. He is cornering a fighter he trains the next day and try as we might, its just not realistic. However, as we always do, we plan to have a surprise or two to balance the scales. He'll be back...

Stepping in to replace Ralek on the Martial Arts As A Path to Nonviolence panel will be Gene Ching, Associate Publisher of Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine. He actually went to Shaolin with RZA!! So, please believe that much knowledge, wisdom and understanding will be jumping off! Here is what he wrote about the HHCF when we did the Chess Kings Invitational:


On April 12th 2008, we will make history again- together!

Much love!


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