Wednesday, May 28, 2008

HHCF Fundraising for 2nd Annual Chess Kings Invitational

It's almost that time again. HHCF 2nd Annual Chess Kings Invitational is coming!

Hey folks!!! The Hip-Hop Chess Federation (501c3) is looking for donations and sponsorships for the 2nd Annual Chess Kings Invitational. RZA will defend his title (we're getting a new belt designed as we speak) against some of the best and baddest in the business!! MMA fighters, rappers and even some rock stars are lined up to get a shot at the title!!! Josh Waitzkin and Jennifer Shahade will be in the house...Its going down people!

HHCF also plans to have a huge scholastic tournament as well as new scholarship tournament. The HHCF cannot exist without you. We need your help, so we can help the children more effectively. We expect no less than 1500 people in attendance. Press from across the planet will be covering the event and we plan to have some new surprises as well!! To obtain our sponsorship package please email !!

Eternal thanks,
Adisa Banjoko

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