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Hip-Hop Chess makes another cross-over. Radio Hosts Crockett and Waters taped a phone interview with HHCF Life Strategies Teacher from Ryan Academy High School during her journalism class to talk about the HHCF White House Chess request.

Here's a note from the hosts:


Again, many, many thanks to you & your students for taking the time out of your busy day to spend with us up here in York, PA! I'm sure our listeners are going to be most interested in your program, and as such, there wasn't a whole lot of things we could "take out" of our interview. Therefore, we're doing something we've never done in the 5 years we've been a morning show...we're breaking the interview down into two segments.

The first will air at about 8:05 or 8:35-ish tomorrow morning...the second, about 10 minutes later. We'll also likely rebroadcast the segments on Thursday or Monday in the 6am hour (either 6:05-ish & 6:15-is OR 6:35-ish and 6:45-ish).

In addition, our listeners will likely be lucky enough to hear you again later in the year in one of our many Year-End special segments...hopefully with an update on how a member of the Obama administration graced your classroom for a friendly game...

We are always excited to see creative energy used in a productive manner, and are just thrilled at how you've been able to so successfully implement this program & change the lives of your students! Congratulations to you and your students...and, again, thanks for everything!


Crockett and Waters

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