Saturday, October 17, 2009

The last HHCF event was amazing...

Just a quick thank you to all the people who made last weekends event so amazing.

I could thank people all day, really. I'm going to try and give some shouts out right now. I hope no one who gets left out is offended.

Much HHCF love goes out to: Marilyn Yalom, Conscious Daughters, Jean Hoffman, DJ Pam the Funkstress and Melina Jones. The All Queens Panel was so powerful.

To Rakaa, Ray Luv, Traxamillion, Don Kiolbassa, D'Lamont Robinson, Rahman Jamaal and his team from All Star Martial Arts, Gumby from Heroes Martial Arts, Sal and everybody from Bay Area Chess, Elaine Moskowitz, Scott Budman, Brothers Against Guns, the entire staff at O'Connell High in SF, Renaissance High in Watsonville, Jenn Laskin and the Brown Berets...Thank you, and all who participated for a fantastic HHCF event.

I have footage of the panel and other clips, BUT, my Mac is tripping out. So, I have not been able to share what I have. But in a few days, hopefully, I can change that.

Stay strong on the boards,

This is the essence of being tough...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Schedule for Hip-Hop Chess Federation Oct. 10th Event


1 What Where when
2 Chess Tournament atrium start at 10 for group one and 11 for group two
3 Graffiti / Chalk Art yard 1:00-3:00
4 Queens' Discussion Panel library 12:00–1:00
5 King's Discussion Panel library 1:30–2:30
6 Martial Arts Demonstration dance studio 3:00–3:45
7 Chess Trophy Presentation atrium 4:00–end
8 DJ Malcolm Marshall KMEL atrium all day

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