HHCF After School Program is BACK at O'Connell High in SF!!

The O'Connell High kids HHCF after school program was on hold. Now we're back!!

Last year, the HHCF took a hard blow. There was not enough money for us to really be fully functional at John OConnell. But this year, we're baaaaack!! Yesterday was the first day. I cannot tell you how cool it was to watch street kids, nerds, lady hustlers and jocks all at the tables playing. Much props to the ladies on the boards! We have a LOT of new girls who smash dudes with a queens wisdom. Thanks to Timberland Boots, most of the kids will be getting new shoes within the next few days. 

Our program will be more than just chess. We will be giving the kids basic chess lessons, show them various movies that encourage them to make new decisions and talk about the positive life strategies found inside Hip-Hop music. Songs like Sabac Reds, The Commitment:

But my people we need you! If you are a chess player, a rapper, graff writer, DJ, b-boy/b-girl or martial artist- WE NEED YOU. The HHCF needs you to come through and talk to the kids about some of the best and worst decisions you've made. We need your wisdom, your compassion, your laughter and advice. Then, play some casual games, or, let some of the kids teach you how to play chess as a thank you for spending some time with us. SERIOUS INQUIRES REACH OUT AT: bishop@hiphopchessfederation.org !

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