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Never Let ANYBODY Call You Other Than Your Name... #LoveYourself

HHCF Interview With Erik "Weaksquare" Murrah

If You Have Never Learned About Jiu Jitsu, Take A Few Minutes. It Might Save Your Life

UFC Champ BJ Penn on Dr. Peter Goldman

A Man With One Hand, Takes Over The Globe

Jrobi never fails to impress

Weaksquare gives great insights the game, live the game!

Take your mind and your body seriously

Much love to my dead homies. To my young homies. Wake up.

Dr. Peter Goldman, HHCF Founder Adisa Banjoko and UFC's BJ Penn

The first time I heard this song in 1993...I cried. Today it still hits me hard...

Sherlock Holmes 2 is THICK with chess elements...I encourage you all to go see it. I plan to.

Rickson Gracie on the power of jiu jitsu in overcoming fear

HHCF Presents: Pawn Storm Invitational Dec. 10th 2011 At John O'Connell In SF!

You better get to know Weak Square!

Jrobi keeps it real

My mom went to go see the play on Fela Kuti! Thought I'd share Stalemate...

The Iron Hook Scroll Vol. 1 is COMPLETE! (and its free!)

This Story in the NY Times Really Warmed My Heart


I worry about my kids...

Jrobi's Alekhine Defense Tutorial

Professor Griff: Political Rap and Chess

Boondocks Theme Song...Easily one of the best SHORT raps ever...

John O'Connell Kids Talk About Chess & Life (kids I work with)

I love Green Castle Block!! Check this out

Unprotected Pieces by GZA & DJ Muggs

The Mortimer Trap against Ruy Lopez: What to Do When White Gets Greedy

So many kids I work with think they want this life...They have no idea whats waiting for them...

Great vid on the Kings Indian by Green Castle Block

HHCF Founder Adisa Banjoko Featured on Martial Arts Weekly Radio Show!

Adisa Banjoko Announces New Book: Iron Hook Scroll Vol. 1

HHCF Jiu Jitsu Teams Ed Solis on Takedowns!!

Lost Footage from HHCF Queens Panel in 2009!!

HHCF Jiu Jitsu Team's Patrick Ryan Amazes at Jiu Jitsu Nationals!

I can't live without my radio

One of the Bay Areas Fav's is Back! Weibel Chess Quads

HHCF's Dyhemia Young Feature on KALW by Jen Chien

Interview with Abdul Shakoor of Urban Kings & Queens!

HHCF Founder Adisa Banjoko in Timberland Boot Campaign

Jupiter Jiu Jitsu/HHCF Jiu Jitsu Teams Patrick Ryan win via Triangle Armbar!

Chuck D from Public Enemy and Adisa Banjoko Hit The 64 Squares!

If all you wanna do is keep the whole world back- YOU'RE the ones thats wack!

Jiu Jitsu is NOT the only fighting art that can be applied to chess. LISTEN to Bernard Hopkins

HHCF Working its Way to LA...

HHCF Student Profile: Raheem Payton, Graduate John O’Connell High School 2011

Life Strategies Summer Series # 4: Find The Roots of Your Anger and Yank it Up

What was Adisa Banjoko doing before HHCF? He was working in prisons to free minds...What were YOU doing?

Check out the Columbia Open!!

HHCF Teamed with Ben & Jerry's Last Summer...Man that was fun!

Nobody keeps it REAL like the Hip-Hop Chess Federation

The most touching quote from all the events on Dyhemia

Dang it feels good to see people up on it!

You can lie about history, but history NEVER LIES...

Lost footage from Dyhemias first HHCF Tournament as a 9th grader at John O'Connell High

Life Strategies Summer Series #3: Live Your Words

HHCF's Dyhemia Young Wins 40K Scholarship in TX!

HHCF's Dyhemia won her first game!

HHCF's Dyhemia in Texas

HHCF Announces Live The Game Life Strategy/Anti-bullying Classes in SF Bay Area

Straight-up Miracle: Jada Pinkett Smith comes through for HHCF's Dyhemia

San Francisco chess whiz: It takes many moves to find missing young chess whiz -

HHCF Life Strategies Summer Session #2: The Law of Fire by T-Kash

HHCF Life Strategies Summer Series #1!! Repeat After Me: 3PA > 1NT