Monday, June 20, 2011

HHCF Life Strategies Summer Session #2: The Law of Fire by T-Kash

NOTE: For the second HHCF Life Strategies Summer Series we have a guest! Rapper T-KASH wanted to drop some science on you. It was so hot I had to let him share it. Check it out, LIVE IT OUT and enjoy your summer. You can follow him on twitter @TkashForever

Fire. If you have a certain kind of heat, a certain kind of oxygen, and a certain kind of physical substance (commonly known as a combustible substance), then you will have made fire. The heat is fueled by the oxygen and once these two elements find a physical place to grow  (i.e. the combustible substance), a fire will flourish. Once a fire has been established, the only thing you can do is react to it. You can fight the fire head on, with the hope that you may be able to overpower the flames, or you can deem yourself to be too weak to confront the fire, and retreat.

From every day housefires, to catastrophies such as the Oakland Hills fire of 1991, my Law Of Fire is simple: Once you have the three elements needed for a fire to occur, it will occur. No amount of confidence, arrogance, or “tough talk” will prevent it. One a fire occurs, it will make you run, make you burn, or it will make you die.

However, the beauty of this law, as with all laws of physical science, is that it is not absolute. Let’s take a moment to examine the solution to the Law Of Fire, and how it could be a solution strategy to the ” fire ” that may be burning in your own life.

Since we know that all three elements are needed to create a fire, then we can deduce from this fact , that , if you have anything else other than this equation, a fire cannot happen. You can have a combustible substance and high winds, but if it’s too cold of a temperature in the equation, you will not have a fire. The same goes for a hot day and high winds. If there is nothing worthy of these two elements to feed on, they will starve. You will have no fire . It’s a proven fact, that can only be altered under special circumstances.

Now that you know this, ask yourself: What is the ” fire ” of my life? What out-of-control force  is causing me to flee, fight, or run the risk losing the peace of mind that I am striving for?

Only you can answer that.

For example, It may be the ” heat ” of a two-faced associate who finds ” oxygen ” in a rumor or misconception about you and has applies it to the ” combustible substance ” that comes in the form of an online community that is not able to methodically get the facts right. This ” fire ” is called “Character Assassination”. It occurs often in life, and when the damage done, like the fire of nature, Character Assassination can injure and even “kill” the respect and reputation of a person who is unable to fight it’s force.

The solution for the Law Of Fire, and your own personal “fire”,  is the still same. Maybe you could engage the online community with the concrete evidence that clears your name, or expose the character of the associate by revealing concrete evidence of thier treachery. You must ask yourself, ” What is my heat, my oxygen, and my combustible substance, and how do I take them away? Whatever you choose, you will be making the equation for a fire stand as incorrect, which equals to no “fire” at all.

The law of fire can also work in your favor. For example, this past March,  I ran a 13.5 mile half-marathon to raise awareness for non-violence life strategies through the works of the my sponsor,  HHCF,  in the 2nd Annual Oakland Running Festival, here in Oakland, Ca. The ” fire ” consisted of ” heat ” from the tenure that I am blessed to have as hip hop artist, mixed with the ” oxygen ” of the global media surge that it produced, and the ” combustible substance” it found in my physical ability to perform the half-marathon sucessfully. Like fire , this produced a uncontrollable swell-force, but instead of the heat from a flame it was a rush of dignity, optimism and redemption for everyone who , like myself, who has struggled with obesity, food addiction, and the mental health issues that are recursive of these two elements.

Whether you are fighting ” fire ” or fire, stay focused on the fact that fire is not a single event. In either context, it as actually three things happening at once. Bring these three things together and watch it happen. Take one of these three things away, and nothing happens at all.

Remember, as I stated earlier,  once a fire has started, it has started. Nothing of confidence, arrogance or tough talk can stop it. Likewise, if you can understand and execute the law of fire correctly, there is a great chance that a persons front of confidence, arrogance or tough talk can stop YOU.

I’m T-K.A.S.H. , have a nice day.

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