The most touching quote from all the events on Dyhemia

Anonymous Post on News Post online:

As someone who volunteers for the Hip-Hop Chess Federation, I can say there are no words that can describe the sacrifices Adisa Banjoko has made to keep this organization running so that students like Dyhemia could realize their true potential.

I met Dyhemia here freshman year, I remember Adisa saying, this girl, I am getting this girl to college. I am in tears over Dyhemia's success, I am so proud to be a part of this organization. I am proud of Adisa for believing that every kid has the right to success and for Dyhemia in trusting Adisa and believe in the goal we all envisioned for her. -Chessqueen

Truth is, I said that so much, about so many girls at the school, I really don't know who posted it. But it means a lot. It means a lot...Thanks. 

If anybody wants to contact Hip-Hop Chess Federation directly, email: Meek Gaborski, 

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