Sunday, February 12, 2012

Yesterday was so amazing. V-Day was so powerful. Here are some highlights!

                       Adisa, GM Vinay Bhat and panel moderator T-KASH: Photo , Christine Schoville
  Asheru and Adisa Banjoko stand proudly with canvas painted live at V-Day by Reyes Muertos !: Photo , Christine Schoville
                                         Ralek Gracie, Adisa Banjoko and Denny Prokopos
                                     One art, One people One love: Photo Par Ryan of Jupiter Jiu Jitsu

HHCF Life Strategies Panel w/ Asheru, Dawn-Elissa Fischer, Eric Schiller, Ralek Gracie and US Chess Federations Ruth Haring. T-Kash was the moderator. : Photo Pat Ryan
                                          V-Day HHCF competitor enjoying the day! :
                                                     Photo , Christine Schoville
                                          John O'Connell students enjoy the spoils of war on V-Day!
                                                          Photo , Christine Schoville

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