HHCF Invades the city of Lost Angels...and got to hang with the Gracies....CALI LOVE!

I went down to LA to check out the Raw Cheerleading team compete in USA Nationals!! We had a blast. Our fist stop though was to visit the Gracie Jiu Jitsu compound (to me, their place beats Disneyland any day of the week!). We got to hang out with Ryron, Ralek, Rorion (creator of the UFC!) and I saw Rakaa from Dilated coming out of a class....To hang with the Kennedy family of martial arts is always an honor....Here are Rener and Ryon giving props to HHCF...These guys are extended family to us...Much respect always!! ITS CALI LOVE WHEN HHCF & GRACIES CONNECT ON THE WESTSIDE!! Make sure you get with the genius minds behind the best solution to bullying in America today: BULLYPROOF www.gracieacademy.com !

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