HHCF & Universal Zulu Nation Gather Hip-Hop,Chess & Old School Zulu Bay Area History

San Jose Zulu Nation Chapter with Adisa Banjoko after a Live The Game Q&A session !! Much respect to UZN members worldwide...

"My first experience listening to Adisa speak was around 95 about the origins of Hip Hop music. It left such an impact on me that I felt it was very important to create that same opportunity for the community today."

Kenny May
Chapter Leader
Universal Zulu Nation- San Jose Chapter


Few realize the significance of what it meant for me to speak with the SJ Zulu chapter. You see, I'm  from the original UZN Bay Area chapter.....The first one....BEFORE Alafia Chapter.....I'm talking about Alex Aquino, DJ Marco Polo, DJ Pause, Qu'wwam Ullam, Johnny and a few others....Much respect to Leo the Lion to......If you don't know them, you don't really know about UZN in The Bay....Its good to be with my brother Kenny....And much thanks to the founder of UZN Afrika Bambaataa....He set so much in motion and its no where near over....

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