Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thank you! There is still time to help us

Thank you very much for those who have donated to the HHCF during this challenging time. The HHCF Founder is currently using public transportation to keep the program doors open. This typically means a 4:30am start to get the doors open by 7:50am. Many area's in California do not have the best public transportation available. But the goal of the HHCF is to serve the families and youth we have committed to.
A Few of Our Youth Girls Winter Camp Dec. 27

With us being able to keep the doors open, we are able to serve at least 60% of the youth for this weeks camp. Sadly without raising all the funds as of yet, we are not able to pick up and drop off the youth who's parent(s) are unable to transport their kids to the camp facility, nor are we able to replace all the supplies destroyed in the accident.

Our community has been supportive by helping some kids with rides where they can.

Many have asked about the insurance company of the party that crashed into the HHCF vehicle. They have been very slow to move forward, as of today their official statement is "They need to assess all the damages and their investigation can take 30-60 days more". We are working hard to get the right parties involved to make sure the insurance companies fulfill their obligation but the organization can not continue to run while we "wait and see" what they do.

This is why your donations are so very important. They will allow us to continue to serve the youth and provide a safe, healthy and positive environment for all.

We have reached 30% of our goal and hope with your help to reach the full amount as soon as possible. As of today, we are scheduled to cancel our Winter Youth Sessions scheduled for Dec. 31-Jan. 4th. Each week we fail to meet our goal, we will continue to have to cancel After-School Chess, Anti-Violence, After-School and Weekend Life-Strategy and Performing Arts Programs.

Please be sure to share our donation page with friends, family, business & industry leaders and anyone else you believe is interested in helping a program that keeps youth safe, happy and headed on a positive life path while exploring their creative minds and keeping fit.

Remember the HHCF is a 501(c)3 organization recognized by the State of California and the Internal Revenue Service. Your donations (either cash or in-kind items: computer, vehicle,etc) are tax deductible. The year is ending and this is a perfect time to get an extra TAX DEDUCTION on your taxes while helping a great group of kids.

Truly yours,

Adisa & the Hip-Hop Chess Federation Family

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