HHCF Street Games Vol. 1 Mixtape Drops on HALLOWEEN!!

Alright so, HHCF is about to announce all the artists, producers and tracklist for our upcoming mixtape Street Games Vol. 1. This thing is a very original and hard hitting piece of work. I expect it to drop on Halloween. There were a lot of submissions for this. It got hard really to narrow everything down. We are STILL cutting songs from the mixtape because so much dope Hip-Hop came in it was har...d to figure out who should be on and who should not. Many were not cut because of wackness, but maybe they talked about weed or cursed too much. Sometimes, it was a lack of production quality (not skill). Some people who were slated for Vol. 1 originally, will be featured on Vol. 2 which will drop in May. I will notify those people myself to let them know. The only thing I'm sure of, is that this will be one of the most banging, lyrical, fun, honest and inspirational mixtapes to drop in recent years. I wanna shout out DJ Rob Flow, Ronnie Lee Music, Sunspot Jonz, Zumbi, Rakaa Iriscience, Kalhi, Tajai, A Plus, Asheru, Quadir Lateef and others for their support in making this happen. More soon.....t-shirt info coming....

The shirt is a tribute to the old school Ice T shirt from the Original Gangster album. If you had one of these way back, you were one of the realest. Now we're giving you the ability to roll with the realest...The HHCF.


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