LISTEN: The Cipher Podcast Talks to Adisa Banjoko about life BEFORE HHCF (parental discretion advised)

Over the trajectory of our existence, there have been many cool stories done our organization. We have had amazing features in Forbes, Good Morning America, Chess Life, Hard Knock Radio and others. This however, was very special. It was special because I don't think anyone has ever researched my life so intensely as Shawn Setaro when he decided to interview me for The Cipher Podcast. If you like Hip-Hop even a little bit, you must listen. He is my favorite Hip-Hop podcaster on the planet. Not because he did this story on me and the creation of HHCF. But, because he tirelessly tries to understand every person he interviews on a higher level.

Please give this a listen and understand that a lot of what is on here deals with my life before HHCF. So there is gonna be some talk about cops, guns, memories of some of my folks like Eazy and Tupac and a lot of the pain I went through that brought me to creating the HHCF.

                               Shawn Setaro creator of The Cipher Podcast and Forbes writer.

I hope you like it. I'm sorry to Shawn for taking so long to formally post it.

HERE IT IS: The Cipher Podcast interview of Adisa Banjoko by Shawn Setaro

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