HHCF Chess Club Visits America's Oldest Chess Club!

Recently the HHCF chess class at John O'Connell HS in San Francisco had the honor of being given a tour of the Mechanics Institute Library and Chess Club. We were warmly greeted by GM Nick de Firmian and Paul Whitehead.

For those that do not know Mechinics' is the OLDEST chess club in America.
I wanted to share a quick clip of Nick talking with me after teaching a lesson to the HHCF kids
and then a short two part piece of Paul showing a nice counter to Queens Gambit.
Part 1: Queens Gambit
Part 2: Queens Gambit

I cannot thank them enough for their kindness, open minds, hearts and of course- their technical knowledge.
For more on Mechnics' visit www.chessclub.org

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