Wednesday, March 30, 2011

T-Kash After Finishing 1/2 Marathon @ Oakland Running Festival

This weekend I got to watch T-KASH run at the Oakland Running Festival. He was sponsored by the HHCF and he ran for the cause of non-violence. Just a few yeara go, T-KASH ran the streets looking for something shady to get into. Now he runs those same streets looking to bring light to the youth. Even if you don't like Hip-Hop or you hate Rap music- you have to respect this man and his mission.
He is not wearing a foil cape. That keeps runners warm after they finish running!

Friday, March 25, 2011

BREAKING NEWS ON NBC 11: HHCF Sponsors Rapper T-Kash As He Runs for Non-violence in Oakland

Oakland rapper T-Kash has already dropped hit songs.  Recently, though, he dropped something even more impressive:  100 pounds.  
His credentials are solid:  After backing East Bay rapper The Coup on the album "Steal This Album," T-Kash went solo, putting out "Turf War Syndrome," and then his newest release, "Brains All Over The Streets."   He's known in the hip-hop community for his raw lyrics, and respected for his non-commercial style.
But there's more.  Now, T-Kash is hitting the road, literally, spreading the word about physical fitness.  Having dropped a cool 100 pounds through his fitness regimen, he's gearing up to run the half marathon at the Oakland Running Festival - and he's even got a sponsor, the Hip-Hop Chess Federation.
HHCF, also based in the Bay Area, is known for stressing chess and fitness over violence.  The group, headed by local product Adisa Banjoko, takes its boards to local schools to show how playing chess can actually be cool.  Especially when you consider some of the alternative paths.  Banjoko says T-Kash has helped the group in the past, "working on the front lines as a peacemaker wherever he walked."  And, says Banjoko, "I watched him lose 100 pounds!"
You can catch his act on stage .. or, as he brings it to the streets of Oakland for the race, March 27th. 
Scott, a native of Oakland, is on Twitter:   @scottbudman

Hip-Hop Chess Federation on! May 14th Event Announced!!

(AllHipHop News) A variety of popular Hip-Hop artists are teaming with the Hip-Hop Chess Federation for the HHCF Spring Classic, which promotes peace, and anti-bullying at the all-ages event.

Casual from Hieroglyphics, Zion I, T-Kash, pro-skater Jordan Richter and others will be special guests at the chess tournament, which will also host a Life Strategies panel prior to the start of the Chess matches.

“Rappers, skaters and chess players from all over are coming together once again to help the streets gain peace” said HHCF founder Adisa Banjoko. “The economy has been tough on our organization in recent years. That’s why I’m thankful to everybody involved in making this event happen. Gang violence, bullying, alcohol and drug abuse among young people is still a very real problem. We want to show them the benefits of reinforcing their dreams with serious focus and a consistent  work ethic.”

Jordan Richter will also give a skate exhibition while teaching teens about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, the All Tribes Universal Zulu Nation will host a B-Boying workshop for young buys and girls.

Members of the HHCF Jiu Jitsu teams will close out the day with tactics and exhibition matches, in addition to a discussion about bullying.

The HHCF's Spring Classic takes place on May 14th at the Alum Rock Youth Center in San Jose, California.

"The body is the house of the spirit, while the mind is its antennae. By exercising both vigorously, we contact the infinite which is our true home in the universe," said Zumbi of Zion I.

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