Monday, June 9, 2014

Hip-Hop Chess Federation Launches Summer Camp on Chess and Entrepreneurship

Hip-Hop Chess Federation Launches Summer Camp on Chess and Entrepreneurship
Non-profit bridges gaps between music, business and technology

San Jose, CA 6/9/2014- The Hip-Hop Chess Federation(HHCF) is proud to announce that it will be hosting its annual Summer Camps. This summer the camps will be held at Ocalla Middle School starting June 16 and will run for 8 weeks . Camp programs include classes Chess, Entrepreneurship Camp,  Hip-Hop Dance and Cheerleading.
It is well known the some of Silicon Valley and Hip-Hop have chess as a common theme in their life.
Thanks to the generosity of the City of San Jose Safe Summer Initiative Grant, the HHCF is able to drop the price of the camp from $295 a week to a low price of $99 a week. This grant will help some kids attend who might not have been able to otherwise. The HHCF works to ensure that learning the game of kings is not reserved for only the economic elite.  
“Our chess camps stay full because they are more than  just becoming a chess champion” stated HHCF Founder Adisa Banjoko. “Chess teaches kids how ideas followed with the right planning and action make you victorious. Our methods teach young people the connection between chess, life and education strategies. We are really excited about this years entrepreneurship camp where participants will develop skills to help them become the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs. Throughout the camps we will bring in will bring in company founders and start-up Silicon Valley executives to host guest lectures on topics such as business strategies, chess and more”.
The camp for K-12th grade encourages local schools and community members to participate in this summer camps. The $99 fee provides each camper with materials for camp activities and for those registered by June 13, a free camp T-shirt.
A limited number of partial scholarships are available. Parents should contact Crystal Silva, if finances are a concern.
About Hip-Hop Chess Federation: The Hip-Hop Chess Federation is the first nonprofit 501(c)3 to fuse music, chess and martial arts to promote unity, strategy and nonviolence. They host celebrity chess events and panels of life strategies for at-risk, gang impacted and gang intentional youth. Artists like RZA from Wu-Tang Clan, chess master Josh Waitzkin, actor Emilio Rivera,  Immortal Technique, Asheru, Zion I, DJ Qbert, Dilated Peoples, Hieroglyphics and many others have participated in their events. Founder Adisa Banjoko has presented at Harvard University and World Chess Hall of Fame on how chess, martial arts and music promote peace in the streets. Visit their official website at

Thursday, June 5, 2014

WATCH: New Video by The Chessmen introduced by RZA (kids get your parents permission)

New Video by The Chessmen !!! Kids get permission from your parents....It has some explicit lyrics. Nevertheless it shows the connection between chess and Hip-Hop like nothing else in recent years.

Uproxx Covers HHCF Founder plus, FREE PDF download of Bobby Bruce and the Bronx Available

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