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Brazilian International Master Luis Coelho Shows Awesome Instruction

Refine your Skills!

Reflect on this Wisdom.

Spark light from the shadows of doubt...

Honor The Queens Invitational 2008 in San Francisco! Foundation Makes Moves to Help Youth Around the World!! has another great edition for you to see!!

This is Hip-Hop's most strategic female MC..Pay attention to her wisdom

All that scratchin' is making me itch!!!

Yo, if you missed the Run DMC Raising Hell Tour- here's some of what it was like...

This song will have me poppin' and lockin' at the drop of a hat!!!

HHCF & UFC Fighter Ken Shamrock in Online eBay Series!!!

This ran in 40 Million Homes, If you missed it - Click below!

Chess Giants Unite to Build Hospitals in Congo Debuts HHCF Video in Sweden!!!

The Impact of Kung-Fu Movies on Breakdancing.

HHCF on Rolling Stone Magazine 40th Anniversary Issue!

And Folks say Martial Arts and Hip-Hop ain't connected - LOL!

I Dedicate This One To Chess Soldiers On The Corner...

Human Writes: A City Gets a Paint Job.

Dilated Peoples in San Francisco! 11/2/07

This is Hip-Hop...I don't care what anybody says...

Bay Area G's Get Wild on the Rank and File! Balance and Big Rich Talk to The Bishop of Hip-Hop.