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After many losses, another victory @ WuChess!!

Accept the ways of others...

Today on 98.5 The Peak Radio Pennsylvania

Never Listen to the Critics, Live Your Life...


Please come play with us on TWITTER!!

Victory in Wu Valley...again

C file 8th rank, ship sank...

Kingcrusher gives great insight

Peace is prized above victory...

Teaching Kids To Be Kings Through Chess

A rare clip of an elementary class, I had so much fun. Much respect to Casey Wong...

Why my students asked Obama to play chess with them |

Hip-Hop Chess Federation Seek a Chess Battle w/ Obama & His Staff

Take a look at the HHCF Team in SF from O'Connell High

EXCLUSIVE: Footage of HHCF Panel feat. RZA, Rakaa and Emory Tate

HHCF family, I need your advice. 100% honest.

Highlights from Mind Over Matter II feat. Emory Tate and RZA