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Will you stand alone as man, as a man has to sometimes....?

Be sure to teach your child the 3 C's!

If you are new to learning about HHCF, be sure to check this out

Outline of events for V-DAY!!

HHCF Orisue & Karmaloop Drop Limited Edition V-Day Competitors Shirt!

Green Castle Block always has good themes on chess

Another killer Jrobi tutorial on the English Opening

Journal of a BJJ Player, you need to learn about it

DJ QBert LOVES Speed chess. I saw him play Vinay Bhatt a few times. Fun stuff....

You still don't know about the connections between Hip-Hop and Martial Arts? Sit down...I'll teach you.

DJ Rob Swift Made Hip-Hop History Like No Other DJ

UTFO made their video about their DJ !! He killed it in a NINJA outfit

Chess is jiu jitsu for the mind. Jiu Jitsu is chess for the body.

Dr. Alan Kirshner Is Hosting His Annual Birthday Party Chess Tournament! YOU NEED TO BE THERE! I will...

How Hip-Hop Teaches Nonviolence

MLK Jr. On War...

How Martial Arts Teach Nonviolence

Our Friend The Weaksquare is BAAACK!!

HHCF Founder Adisa Banjoko on the COVER of Chess Life Mag!! Drops Feb 1st

Registration for V-DAY OPENS IN 24 HRS!!! #CHESS

Eddie Bravo & Rakaa, Ralek Gracie...rocking the mic and the mat...JIU JITSU!

HHCF Official Announcement of V-DAY! 5 Year Anniversary Jam!

HHCF Announces V-DAY: 5 Year Anniversary Youth Tournament!!