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May all the kings you meet fall to your feet in 2008!!!

Hip-Hop Chess Federation to post EXCLUSIVE interviews with todays top rappers !!

Ryan Gracie, rest in peace...

Lose them in the fog of war, until the time to strike is right....

HHCF O'Connell High Champ Leo Lopez BEATS Adisa Banjoko

Rappers tell kids to stay in school...

Hip-Hop Chess Federation Recieves 2007 Edgies Award!!

Shamako Noble & Adisa Banjoko Tangle on the 64...Its WAR!

Another cool piece on the Stonewall Legacy

Know the true cost of combat...and you'll be more likely to seek peace.

HHCF Congratulates Denny Prokopos for his victory at the No gi Mundials!

Green Castle Block returns with the Stonewall Legacy

Oprah and Denzel team up for a must see movie...

Plain and simple, be a father to your child...

More fantastic education on the Stonewall Legacy (very clean)

Before Starbucks, I already loved cappucino...Lyte on the caffine though...

A very nice piece on the stonewall attack...

I gotta original 1975 Kung Fu lunch box!!! Y'all can't fade this...

Which one of you is really down for their queen?

RZA & Adisa Banjoko at the Independent in SF Dec. 11th 2007

The wisdom of Master Po...Opened the eyes of my youth...

Do not be a fool...OK mate?

F.I.D.E. Master Damien Vincent to Host Simultaneous Chess Exhibition Dec. 15th!

Weyland from KPFA takes a hard loss to Adisa Banjoko

The essence of music, chess and martial arts

You Must Master the 8 Diagrams for Victory in War!!

Freeway, Adisa Banjoko, Beanie and The Jacka

When you are in REAL LOVE- you know it from the start

Queen Latifah is raw...All you ladies out there pay attention...

A true warrior is always on duty...

The HHCF Needs Your Help 2 Honor The Queens

RZA Performing Dec. 12th in SF!!

Brazilian International Master Luis Coelho Shows Awesome Instruction

Refine your Skills!

Reflect on this Wisdom.

Spark light from the shadows of doubt...

Honor The Queens Invitational 2008 in San Francisco! Foundation Makes Moves to Help Youth Around the World!! has another great edition for you to see!!

This is Hip-Hop's most strategic female MC..Pay attention to her wisdom

All that scratchin' is making me itch!!!

Yo, if you missed the Run DMC Raising Hell Tour- here's some of what it was like...

This song will have me poppin' and lockin' at the drop of a hat!!!

HHCF & UFC Fighter Ken Shamrock in Online eBay Series!!!

This ran in 40 Million Homes, If you missed it - Click below!

Chess Giants Unite to Build Hospitals in Congo Debuts HHCF Video in Sweden!!!

The Impact of Kung-Fu Movies on Breakdancing.

HHCF on Rolling Stone Magazine 40th Anniversary Issue!

And Folks say Martial Arts and Hip-Hop ain't connected - LOL!

I Dedicate This One To Chess Soldiers On The Corner...

Human Writes: A City Gets a Paint Job.

Dilated Peoples in San Francisco! 11/2/07

This is Hip-Hop...I don't care what anybody says...

Bay Area G's Get Wild on the Rank and File! Balance and Big Rich Talk to The Bishop of Hip-Hop.