Thursday, February 16, 2017

Dr. Terri Givens to Give Closing Keynote at #UnityInDiversity on College Readiness

Most parents do all they can to ensure their kids get into college. But what can we do to have better clarity on how well prepared they are? Dr. Terri Givens, Provost at Menlo College will give a powerful talk that helps parents and students understand what it takes to be college ready. Do not miss this event. It is all ages and tix are going fast Get tix here!!!

Technology and Hip-Hop: Innovating Beyond The Code!! Come out as a family.

Come to our upcoming Unity in Diversity event Feb 26th and see an amazing panel of tech experts talk about Technology, and Hip-Hop beyond the code. Get tix here! This is an all ages event and we expect a lot of great people coming out. If you are  a teacher, a student or a parent looking for new insights, this is the event to be at. Do not miss this.

When Thugs Cry: An Unknown Tupac Story

Recently the internet started buzzing because of a cool conversation between legendary rapper Talib Kweli and Public Enemy front man Chu...