Chess-Inspired Hip-Hop Album Covers

For anyone else who has questions about the relationship between Hip-Hop and Chess, to quote the mighty Chuck D, "Here it is, Baaaaammm!"

Professor Griff - Pawns in the Game (top left), Genius/GZA - Liquid Swords (top right)
MF Doom/MF Grimm - Self titled (bottom left), Rob Swift - Wargames (bottom middle), DJ Muggs vs. Gza - Grandmasters (bottom right)

One of the main purposes of the Hip-Hop Chess Federation blog is to give you the physical proof of the relationship between Hip-Hop, chess and martial arts. Beyond the beautiful artwork, these are some of the most lyrical records ever made. Professor Griff really paved the way for spoken word in Hip-Hop with his first LP. This is the cover for his first single Pawns in the Game. GZA is one of the best lyricists in the history of the game. He did the first and only album dedicated to the Royal Game. Rob Swift made one of the best political LPs ever without even speaking on it (He's a DJ). Rob Swift's Wargames is a must have. MF Doom and MF Grimm have ran the underground for a long time with dope rhymes. Support these artists by going to their shows, BUY their music (don't just download it) and pick up any t-shirts, etc. you can find on 'em.

Real quick, if any of you guys find cool Hip-Hop album covers that were inspired by Chess, please email Leo Libiran at We'll make sure to give you a shout out and link to your site or blog when we run it. Peace.

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