Che and Chess!

Cuban revolutionary, Che was a lover of the 64 squares. I think it is really cool how no matter if you look at great republicans, democrats, or socialists chess is one thing everybody can agree on. I think it'd be great if more leaders across the planet played chess with one another openly. I know publically too many egos might get hurt, but I bet they'd learn alot. Right now, private games should at least take place at U.N. meetings. Chess keeps you human and does not allow you to ignore the humanity and intelligence of "the other".

Anyway, despite Che's love for the game he apparently was not that great of a player. He reportedly played Russian chess monster
Viktor Korchnoi in Havana (this was in 1963) and was beaten several times. Apparently Korchnoi entagled Che in the Catalan and Che was never able to get out.

As popular as it is, the story is kind of unfair to Che. I mean, if the main story of me playing hoops was the one where I played Jordan- how good could I look?!? LOL. Korchnoi was not to be trifled with on the boards.

If you guys find any photos of famous American politicians or world leaders playing chess or, if you find cool stories about them on the 64- let us know. We don't care about the politicians so much, we care about chess!

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