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Hip-Hop Chess Federation is on Twitter!!

Hip-Hop Chess on the Streets of SF!

Hip-Hop Chess Federation Supports Martial Artists Gathering to Help Typhoon Victims

HHCF Congratulates World Champion Denny Prokopos on Getting His BLACK BELT @ 21!!!

A great video on exploiting positional flaws

A Beautiful New Movie on Strategy and Courage: Red Cliff

HHCF Brings Immortal Technique to John O'Connell High to Address Latino Gang Violence in SF

The last HHCF event was amazing...

This is the essence of being tough...

Schedule for Hip-Hop Chess Federation Oct. 10th Event

All Queens Life Strategies Panel at HHCF Event Oct. 10th 2009!!!

Jrobi breaks down tactics

Its not enough to just talk about our passion. We must walk in our passion.

As the sun rises, the sounds of battle echo

HHCF ANNOUNCES: West Coast Kings & Queens Tournament

A beautiful illustration of why this is called "the gentle art"

Jrobi is still killing it with his vids...I love this dudes work

I know y'all remember this Kung Fu classic!!!


Oct. 10th Hip-Hop Chess Dominates the West!!!!

Amazing Article on Mental Toughness

Traxamillion confirmed for Hip-Hop Chess Oct. 10th 2009 in SF!!

Rakaa Iriscience confirmed for HHCF Oct. 10th 2009 in SF

Rap Legend Ray Luv, confirmed for HHCF Oct. 10th 2009 in SF!!

UFC Champ GSP Plays Chess

HHCF Presents: West Coast Kings & Queens Tournament, Oct. 10th 2009!

Interivew with Dr. Peter Goldman on Benefits of Zone Healing for Martial Artists

VIDEO of HHCF @ Ben & Jerrys in SF!! Massive fun!!

Hip-Hop Chess Teams w/ Ben & Jerrys for FREE CONE DAY, TODAY IN SF!!!

HHCF Founder Lectures @ SF State: Protect Your Queens

Adisa Banjoko Lectures @ SF State University on Chess and Non-violence

Focus on the Oneness

HHCF Chess Chronicles Vol. 3: Walk A Mile In Our Shoes

HHCF Chess Chronicles Vol. 2: Think Like A King

HHCF Chess Chronicles Vol. 1: The Greatest Gift

After many losses, another victory @ WuChess!!

Accept the ways of others...

Today on 98.5 The Peak Radio Pennsylvania

Never Listen to the Critics, Live Your Life...


Please come play with us on TWITTER!!

Victory in Wu Valley...again

C file 8th rank, ship sank...

Kingcrusher gives great insight

Peace is prized above victory...

Teaching Kids To Be Kings Through Chess

A rare clip of an elementary class, I had so much fun. Much respect to Casey Wong...

Why my students asked Obama to play chess with them |

Hip-Hop Chess Federation Seek a Chess Battle w/ Obama & His Staff

Take a look at the HHCF Team in SF from O'Connell High

EXCLUSIVE: Footage of HHCF Panel feat. RZA, Rakaa and Emory Tate

HHCF family, I need your advice. 100% honest.

Highlights from Mind Over Matter II feat. Emory Tate and RZA

HHCF Feb 28th 2009!! FREE ALL AGES...RZA, Rakaa, Casual, Traxamillion, Amir Sulaiman and more!

This guy is one of my new favorite chess tutors on youtube!

The Bishop kills 'em with 2 knights!!!

HHCF w/ Poetry by Amir Sulaiman

The Battle at Wu Valley

HHCF Highlight Clips @ O'Connell High in SF

Jrobi on the Sicilian Defense (don't sleep)

HHCF Official Theme Song, by T-K.A.S.H.

A look inside the mind of Capablanca

HHCF Song for 2009!! Sabac Red's The Commitment

Get FREE Digital Copy of Lyrical Swords Vol. 2: Westside Rebellion