Sunday, March 31, 2013

HHCF Founder Adisa Banjoko Speaking at Harvard University

This was a great event. I spoke at the AOCC event at Harvard. I went first so, the crowd was a bit thin, but I broke it down to the marrow. I had it filmed and I wanted to make sure you saw how I do what I do when I do it.


Rap Genius Top Ten List of Martial Arts Lyrics in Hip-Hop

The connection between hip-hop and martial arts is vast and expansive. So much so, that to attempt to cover it comprehensively would take a library’s worth of books. That being said, looking at the ten best lyrical sparring moments can teach us a ton about the histories of both art forms
Much of the attraction was that in the initial emergence of the fusion, hip-hop was in many ways a secret society. It was near-impossible to be down with the culture on your own. You needed to have a mentor, a “master” if you will, who could guide you through the subculture. Style, technique, loyalty, lineage, and most of all the willingness to battle without fear were essential. 

HHCF feat. on Rap Genuis "Top Ten Chess Lyrics in Rap"

Hip-hop and chess have been connected for a long time. In fact, of all the music on Earth, no other form of genre has celebrated chess as much as rap. This seems ironic, considering the mental picture one usually gets of the music being played during a chess match is something by Beethoven or Vivaldi


Uproxx Covers HHCF Founder plus, FREE PDF download of Bobby Bruce and the Bronx Available

The book Bobby Bruce & the Bronx by Adisa the Bishop is now available from this day forward FREE in PDF form. Please enjoy it and share ...