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Fear...and how to lose it...

Roger Gracie vs. Kyra Gracie on the 64 Squares!! I wanna t-shirt of this!!

As an issue of violence, I had to write about my experience as a father in the shadow of the murder ot Trayvon Martin

The Mended Bros. are 2 horsemen of the jiu jitsu Apocalypse

Another amazing video by WeakSquare

Rapper T-KASH COMPLETES Oakland Marathon for the cause of Nonviolence

For all the half baked chess orgs out there trying to do what I do...everybody knows where u got it from LOL

Hip-Hop, Chess & Martial Arts....Are A Youthful Expression

HHCF At San Jose State University!! AN EPIC DAY!

My man WeakSquare Comes STRONG with Capablanca

HHCF Invades the city of Lost Angels...and got to hang with the Gracies....CALI LOVE!

T-KASH Song "RUN" feat. Adisa Banjoko! He's running Oakland Marathon March 25th for the case of nonviolence for Oakland youth !!

America Has Its Own Child Soldiers (Part 2 of a series on youth violence)

Eddie Bravo training with Marcelo Garcia!! Whoooo

Thats just the way it is, but not the way it has to be...Lets do it together

Green Castle Block playing blitz...I love these guys...

For those we love...For those we have lost...

A quote from one of Tupac Shakurs favorite people, Prince Niccolo Machiavelli

How about this rap lyric from way back...?

HHCF Founder Writes About the Impact of Violence & Death on Teens

LISTEN NOW!! : Eddie Goldman From No Holds Barred Radio Interviews HHCF's Adisa Banjoko

My son loves this movie....Warlords is very powerful...lovely philosophy in here...

Few really know about Pai you are one of them...

Luke Stewart shares some amazing thoughts on the role of the ego in jiu jitsu...

Lauryn Hill loves chess...

Jrobi breaks stuff down well, Check this game out!!

HHCF Spring Break & Summer Camps Hosting OPEN REGISTRATION NOW!!