Rapper T-KASH COMPLETES Oakland Marathon for the cause of Nonviolence

People always ask whats makes the HHCF different than other orgs in Hip-Hop or chess. THIS is the difference. We work with real artists who care about the community and show it with action- not just talk. When I first met T-KASH, he was about 90 lbs. heavier. He was always a cold MC. He is one of the best rappers in Oakland then AND now- straight up....

As our friendship evolved he got serious about his health. He asked me for my help. I gave him a baseline methodology that I use and he took it 110% serious. Over time he started adding his own research and ideas into his path and now this man just ran the Oakland Marathon!!!

Not only did he do it. He did it to bring awareness to the epidemic of gun violence in the city he loves so much. This guy used to run the streets in his youth getting into trouble. Now he RUNS the streets as a rapper in search of peace. So many rappers out there TALK about doing something to be an example to the youth. Well here is one who keeps his words to the kids. Here is one who does not hide behind the false images of being a killer, a fake revolutionary, or a lover of ignorance. Here is one who shows up to help when no press is around. Here is one who puts is work, but does not always ask that his name be mentioned.

But I have to say his name today. I promise you will be seeing a lot more from him artistically and within his community doing positive things- very soon!

 Everybody in the HHCF is proud of T-KASH for his dedication to fitness and nonviolence. I encourage you to follow him on twitter @TKASHFOREVER !

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