Monday, October 31, 2011

I worry about my kids...

A group of kids I'm trying to reach got busted for a petty robbery...Another one I'm trying to reach got shot...He's alive...But I have not talked to him since he got shot...He just barely made it. What I do is not easy...Chessboards and rap ain't always the solution...But to the degree that it is, I will stay on the block wherever I am needed. I wanna see you all make it...

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Jrobi's Alekhine Defense Tutorial

Professor Griff: Political Rap and Chess

Another example of political rap and chess from the late 80's and early 90's is with rapper Professor Griff. He started out as the head of the security team for Public Enemy. After things got hectic between him and Chuck D, Griff dropped some records of his own. Many years later they reunited. His record Pawns in the Game was one of the most consistent in showing how rappers used chess as a metaphor to explain the importance of planning and strategy in ones life.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Boondocks Theme Song...Easily one of the best SHORT raps ever...

OK so here is the deal. I love this comic strip. LOVE IT!! But when it first came out as a cartoon, I was quite apprehensive. Only now, like, within the last year have I sat down to watch it. First of all, if you are not at least 17, you probably won't understand it's value. If you are under 17, you really should not watch it at all. The comic is best, because its easier to digest...

But I digress...(hey that rhymed)

The thing is, no matter if I love the episode, or hate it, the theme song is so inspirational. I was lucky enough to meet Asheru, the guy who made the theme song several years ago through my man Rakaa Iriscience from Dilated Peoples. I had to share it with you...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Adisa Banjoko Announces New Book: Iron Hook Scroll Vol. 1

Thanksgiving 2011, Adisa Banjoko will release a new book Iron Hook Scroll Vol. 1. The innovator of the Iron Hook grip will illustrate exact steps to strengthen your jiu jitsu game from the bottom. Using the Iron Hook will help you wearing the gi, or no-gi. It will make your chances of taking damage on the street less and your options to reverse and finish much higher. Learn how to break your opponents posture, keep them off center and transition directly into sweeps, chokes and armlocks easily. If you have never seen the Iron Hook, check out the videos below. More info will be available soon. Much respect and thanks to Billy Ray for the cover art. This is gonna be the best Thanksgiving EVER Charlie Brown!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

HHCF Jiu Jitsu Team's Patrick Ryan Amazes at Jiu Jitsu Nationals!

 We're proud to say that HHCF Jiu Jitsu Teams Ed Solis, Sergio Silva and Patrick Ryan all did great at the BJJ Nationals. I don't have all their footage, but here is some awesome clips of Patrick. Notice his constant calm, his continuous hunt for a better position and submission (not to mention is compassion for his opponents after the win!) ...More vids from HHCF Jiu Jitsu Team coming soon!! I swear, I remember first telling Pat how much he'd love Jiu Jitsu. Now he's a national champ!! Hats off to his coaches Rodrigo and Tim from Gracie Barra!! 

I can't live without my radio

Check out this NEW news feature on the radio about HHCF. Please share it with your friends:

HHCF Feature on KALW (learn about more of our students)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

One of the Bay Areas Fav's is Back! Weibel Chess Quads

EDITORS NOTE: When the HHCF was started, Dr. Alan Kirshner was THE FIRST PERSON from the mainstream chess community to support us. I did not understand at first exactly who he was and how deep his dedication to chess ran. If they made Mt. Rushmore for Bay Area chess leaders- he'd be one of them! I'm always excited to share when he's puttin' on an event. If you love chess you need to be at this. 

The Weibel Chess Fall Quads - Grand Prix (sponsored by SCS) have been a tradition in the Bay Area for 15 years.  While the numbers attending have dropped below 250 in the last few years due to the enormous increase of youth tournaments in the Bay Area, the Weibel Quads continue to pull large enough numbers (around 150) that enable me to place individuals against three other players of their own skill level.  I also avoid, as best I can, placing siblings and teammates from schools or clubs together. So, if you haven't registered yet, join the chess happening in Fremont starting on Saturday, October 15 and continuing on November 19 and December 10.  You can play in one or two or all three tournaments.  An application has been attached for your use, or you can register online at  Yes, this is a secure site. Full information can be found at:

Description of chess quads:
Four players of equal or near equal skill, let's say four new players to chess in the same grade, play each other at a table.  This means three games.  The winner obtains a trophy.   If there is a tie between two players or more for first place, all get a trophy.  For those children who do not get a trophy they will walk away with a very classy chess medal-at least I think it is.

Grand Prix:
Those individuals who want to compete in all three events will have the opportunity of winning far larger trophies. More information is available online.
If you have any further questions, please do send me an e-mail  If you desire to be removed from my mailing list send an e-mail to  and write remove in the subject line.

Alan M. Kirshner, Ph.D.
Director of Weibel Chess
"Do your own thinking independently.  Be the chess player, not the chess piece."
Ralph Charell

When Thugs Cry: An Unknown Tupac Story

Recently the internet started buzzing because of a cool conversation between legendary rapper Talib Kweli and Public Enemy front man Chu...