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Speed chess is Kung-Fu for Chess Players

The Beginning of Wisdom...

Say this 10 times fast...

You're not a father 'cause you gotta son, unless you're takin' care of him

HHCF Featured in the California Health Report

Kids from Balboa & Lincoln Visit John O'Connell To Celebrate Black History Month

Prison Letters: An Inmate Writes HHCF

Highlight Clips from HHCF V-Day Tournament!

If you don't know Dessa you betta ask somebody!!

This was a few years ago, but it was so cool. 9 Queens rocks!!

House of Flying Daggers is so beautiful

Loving to see the intense play from Hou Yifan and Alexandra Kosteniuk

If your daughter gets a chance to train with Leticia Ribeiro, don't ever pass it up

I may have posted this before I really like it though...

To trust, or not to trust...?

Please join the HHCF on Facebook!!

HHCF Featured in Forbes! Yeah, we can't believe it either....But we love it.

Kung Fu Movies Encourage Women to be Mentally and Physically Strong

Yesterday was so amazing. V-Day was so powerful. Here are some highlights!

You know, not all the songs about chess in Hip-Hop are positive...some can be dark

Hip-Hop Chess Federation Featured in San Jose Mercury!

Ralek Gracie will be at Heroes Martial Arts in San Jose Feb 10th for a jiu jitsu seminar 7-9 pm. Its only $40

BREAKING : HHCF Founder Adisa Banjoko to Lecture on Chess & Life Feb 6th at San Francisco State University

The King of the South Plays #CHESS In his rap videos...He did more for chess in the hood than half of you think you do

If you don't get it after this, I'm not sure you're being honest with yourself...

You think you know Asheru cause you heard him on the Boondocks! But you have no idea....what his skill and level is...

Please still don't hear me, THIS EVENT IS FREE OF CHARGE AND ALL AGES

For All My Young Queens Out There...especially my daughters...You...Will...Rise #neverforget

Hip-Hop Chess Federation on the Cover of Chess Life Mag! OUT NOW!

Ralek Gracie Interview after his last MMA match...coming to V-Day Feb 11 to Engage the youth

The Bay is on FIRE waiting Asheru to come kick science at HHCF's V-Day!