Kids from Balboa & Lincoln Visit John O'Connell To Celebrate Black History Month

So today was the OC Black History Month assembly. It was pretty cool. A lot of history was shared and the students loved it. After an African dance ceremony they had some one of the kids at OC in a turf dance crew called So Random Inc. hit the floor. If you have never seen jerking(its not just the dance, but a series of movements), its a mix of strutting, popping and freestyle dance that is super popular in The SF Bay Area...Anyway, one of the students requested two of his partners from Balboa & Lincoln HS come out. The schools agreed and they gave a great show.

After the performance, some of the kids gathered outside for a freestyle rap battle and it was pretty bangin'. There is no doubt that the young generation of Hip-Hop fanatics have many gifts. Here area few shots....

I love to see kids from different Bay Area schools performing together. Back in the 80's, it was impossible...It almost always ended in violence...many times in gunfire...So, it was heartwarming to see the youth come together in Black History Month and use Hip-Hop dance and battle rap as a platform for peace.

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