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The youth must never fail to listen to thier elders....

Chess Network showing how to win with bishop & knight vs. a king

Possibly the cooled fight scene Bruce ever made...

Rappers Act Like They Don't Know!

This is me trying to pretend I'm not stressed at my son's last Chess Tournanment

Once again, Jerry and the folks at Chess Network break it down to the marrow of the bone

Maurice Ashley has some company. Meet Amon Simutowe

Chess Icon Josh Waitzkin on The Art of Learning

A real warrior on the boards feels it in their blood

Adisa Banjoko of HHCF on the DMX Dog Raid

HHCF Story in XXL

HHCF Announces 1st Annual Chess Kings Invitational!!!

C-Rayz Wallz on Kung-fu and losing loved ones

"I Love to Play Chess." - Jay-Z

When I was about 10 years old, I saw my first Kung-Fu film...

Don't be Afraid to Look into the Future...

Ideas like this created the basis for Jeet Kune Do and modern MMA

I was 13 when this came out. This was hardcore Hip-Hop!

I was young when this came out...I guess nobody listened then...Look around now.

Intelligence is really atttractive...Get some.

Take just a moment, to remember loved ones

Sometimes, you just need to shut up, sit down and listen!

Chess gives you the Blueprint...ask Jay-Z

The Wisdom from Wu-Tang Mountain

Rappers play chess? Yes!

Don't Call it a Comeback: They Been Here For Years!!! And it don't stop!!!

Lyrical Swords, Volume 2: Westside Rebellion

HHCF Announces Oct. 13th 2007 8 Man Tournament in SF!!

Swords Clash in the Chess House...

The Art of War, in nature (You must watch all of this one!)

Hip-Hop in the Heat of Battle!

Emory Tate (right) vs. Nakamura (left)

I think this was the First Rap Track with a Kung-Fu Movie Theme...

Afu-Ra, the name means "Body of the Life Force"..Pure heat, yo.

Maurice Ashley does Commentary for a fantastic Kasparov/Anand Battle (Gotta watch!)

Chesspark Podcast - must see Online TV!

It's Time to Call it a Knight.

Even in the midst of confusion, move forward with conviction

Waging War on the 64

Way Outside or Way Inside...Where do you want to go?

Hip-Hop, Chess, Martial Arts and the Nonviolent Path...

Women who can defend themselves mentally and physically- thats attractive!