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Latest Emergency Fundraiser Update

Update on ER 2012 Fundraiser

If you don't know Brother Ali, you don't know too much

Ruy Lopez vs. Italian Game

HHCF a non-profit with full 501(c)3 status! Transparency is key for any non-profit!

Thank you! There is still time to help us

Hip-Hop Chess Federation Emergency Fundraiser

LISTEN NOW!: New Episodes of Bishop Chronicles

EXCLUSIVE: HHCF Founder Launches Podcast Show

Green Party VP Cheri Honkala, DLabrie and Shamako Noble Oct. 22nd in Oakland

HHCF Hosting EXCLUSIVE Bay Area Screenings for Brooklyn Castle

Hip-Hop Chess Featured in Anti-Bullying Feat. in Oakland Local

HHCF Documentary Trailer: Checkmates

Chess openings - Najdorf Sicilian by Dereque Kelley

How jiu jitsu took a guy from being bullied to one of the best on earth

If you don't know this, you don't know anything

HHCF Winter and Spring Camps NOW ENROLLING!

Great tutorial from

HHCF Interviews John Smalls

In The Shadow of Sun Tzu, Chess & Jiu Jitsu

HHCF Tournament at Rock The Bells!!! RZA Makes Special Appearance!

A look back at HHCF Chess Summer Camp

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ZION I ....learn about em....

Jrobi with the Evans Gambit

PAWN....respect 'em...mic check em....


Learn to think like a Grandmaster!

For parents who want to let their kids listen to rap related music...but fear the ly

This is gonna be GREAT for music culture in the bay!!

MORE! Photos from Step Up Revolution Battle!! All Photos by Cindy Soo Hoo

For Hip-Hop Chess Federation HIV/AIDS is Not a Game

7 Year Old Girl Shocks World, Winning Step Up Revolution VIP Grand Champion Dance Competition

This right here, is pretty much my life...

HHCF Summer Camp Feats. Celeb Visits via Airtime Technology