Sunday, December 30, 2012

Latest Emergency Fundraiser Update

Hi Everyone,

Due to the injury sustained by the Programs/Camp Director (who happens to teach our Performing Arts, a few chess programs, Cheer and Dance programs), we have moved forward on looking for a replacement as stated in our Fundraising Efforts page.

We have placed an add in hopes to find someone who can be the perfect assistant to our Director. Someone who can be the hands-on teacher that our Director can not continue to be. We hope for her speedy recovery, but we are putting your funds to work to keep the programs running.

Once we have found her replacement (assistant), we will be sure to announce to everyone.

As stated, we are also working on replacing the damaged supplies. We have placed orders for replacement boards and pieces that were destroyed in the accident.

We still have a long way to go, so please share our fundraiser page

Thank you & Have a wonderful New Year!

The Hip-Hop Chess Federation Family

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Update on ER 2012 Fundraiser

As promised we want to keep everyone up to date on how our Emergency Fundraiser is going since the Accident that incapacitated the HHCF in many ways.

As of 12/29/12, the HHCF has raised nearly 30% of the funds needed. Now, this is not enough to keep all our Winter Camps up and running. Without raising the full amount, we are unable to do our usual pick up and drop off of the disadvantage youth we usually cater to during these times. Its a tough situation because for years we have provided a safe alternative for kids when school is on break and parent(s) are at work.
The parents are understanding a appreciative because they know our organization has gone beyond all means possible to keep next weeks camps open. We have committed to checking in with the kids we serve using online services such as Skype and Facebook Chat to make sure they have someone to still guide them during this school break.

We are very thankful to Miss Tami, Miss Jones, Miss Williams, Mr. Michael, Miss Rhanee for helping with the camp during the week of Dec. 24-Dec 28th. Thank you for hosting overnight sleepovers, dropping off food for lunches, volunteering to play cab driver - all the drop offs and pick ups, driving across the Bay to get teacher(s) to or from the training facility. And of course, last weeks Donations that helped cover many of the expenses associated with this camp. Without all of you the camp would have been canceled and many kids would not have had all the fun and education in a safe and caring environment.

Update on the insurance companies efforts to take care of their responsibilities:
We have submitted all documents, pictures, medical and police reports. The HHCF Founder has made it his goal to make sure everyone does their part. We have been advised that if the insured may have only enough coverage to take care all the damages created in the accident. We will keep you up to date on everything and we again thank you for all that you have done to keep HHCF serving the community. Despite the cancellation of next weeks camps, we hope that we will reach our fundraising goal and will be able to re-open all our After-School and Community programs by the 1st week of the new year.

Please share with friends and family, co-workers and more. Also, for those who have donated, the HHCF does qualify for Company Match. So if your company has a Donation Match Program, be sure to submit the Match Claim ASAP.

Friday, December 28, 2012

If you don't know Brother Ali, you don't know too much

Ruy Lopez vs. Italian Game

Dereque Kelley continues to deliver.

HHCF a non-profit with full 501(c)3 status! Transparency is key for any non-profit!

Transparency is important for any non-profit. This 
allows for contributors to non-profits understand 
where their donations are placed. Everyone has a 
right to see the IRS non-profit filings, but we go even 
a step further. Any donors who wish to know exactly 
where their donations are applied can receive a 
detailed funds accountability form which shows an 
annual accountant form reflecting donations and how 
they are applied. 

We know that there are so many people who are 
concerned about the actions of non-profits and the 
Hip-Hop Chess Federation and their Board want to 
assure you that your funds are applied exactly as they 
are intended for. If you ever have a question as to 
where you donations went, we will never hesitate to 
provide you with that information. The Hip-Hop 
Chess Federation is proud to be one of the only 
organizations in California to use less than 3% of its 
donations to administrative cost. The Founder and 
CEO, VP, CFO collectively have received less than 
$3,000 in total salaries (far below their guaranteed 
salaries) over the last 5 years. We are proud of the 
dedication of our founder and the whole HHCF team 
is to providing a environment where our donors can 
be confident their donations are helping those 

If you have donated to the Hip-Hop Chess Federation 
and have a question regarding where your funds have 
been applied, please contact Be sure to include 
a copy of your receipt which shows the amount and 
year of donation so we can supply you with the proper 

*If you donated to another organization on behalf of 
the Hip-Hop Chess Federation, please be advised that 
the HHCF has never received any funds from any 
other organizations, you will need to contact the 
organization who collected the funds .  You will 
not be able to use HHCF as a tax deductible if your 
funds were not directly transferred to the HHCF.

Donations are deductible in the State of California as 
of 10/2007

Donations are deductible on Federal Taxes as of 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thank you! There is still time to help us

Thank you very much for those who have donated to the HHCF during this challenging time. The HHCF Founder is currently using public transportation to keep the program doors open. This typically means a 4:30am start to get the doors open by 7:50am. Many area's in California do not have the best public transportation available. But the goal of the HHCF is to serve the families and youth we have committed to.
A Few of Our Youth Girls Winter Camp Dec. 27

With us being able to keep the doors open, we are able to serve at least 60% of the youth for this weeks camp. Sadly without raising all the funds as of yet, we are not able to pick up and drop off the youth who's parent(s) are unable to transport their kids to the camp facility, nor are we able to replace all the supplies destroyed in the accident.

Our community has been supportive by helping some kids with rides where they can.

Many have asked about the insurance company of the party that crashed into the HHCF vehicle. They have been very slow to move forward, as of today their official statement is "They need to assess all the damages and their investigation can take 30-60 days more". We are working hard to get the right parties involved to make sure the insurance companies fulfill their obligation but the organization can not continue to run while we "wait and see" what they do.

This is why your donations are so very important. They will allow us to continue to serve the youth and provide a safe, healthy and positive environment for all.

We have reached 30% of our goal and hope with your help to reach the full amount as soon as possible. As of today, we are scheduled to cancel our Winter Youth Sessions scheduled for Dec. 31-Jan. 4th. Each week we fail to meet our goal, we will continue to have to cancel After-School Chess, Anti-Violence, After-School and Weekend Life-Strategy and Performing Arts Programs.

Please be sure to share our donation page with friends, family, business & industry leaders and anyone else you believe is interested in helping a program that keeps youth safe, happy and headed on a positive life path while exploring their creative minds and keeping fit.

Remember the HHCF is a 501(c)3 organization recognized by the State of California and the Internal Revenue Service. Your donations (either cash or in-kind items: computer, vehicle,etc) are tax deductible. The year is ending and this is a perfect time to get an extra TAX DEDUCTION on your taxes while helping a great group of kids.

Truly yours,

Adisa & the Hip-Hop Chess Federation Family

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Hip-Hop Chess Federation Emergency Fundraiser

Accident leaves HHCF in need this Holiday Season. TheHip-Hop Chess Federation is the worlds first non-profit to fuse music, chess and martial arts, to promote unity, strategy and nonviolence. We've teach chess, anti-bullying techniques and the importance of keeping mind body balance to kids all over SF Bay Area. In addition to these programs, we offer a performing arts division which has a CheerleadingDance and Acting program. Our performing arts programs cheerleaders and dancers are proud holders of 4 National/International Titles and 1 Division Championship. Our organization has been seen on the over of Chess Life and featured in NY Times,, Good Morning America and SJ Mercury News.

Sadly, last week the only vehicle the organization has was struck from behind while sitting in stopped traffic on the freeway. In the backseat sat the three children of the founder (ages 3, 11, 14). The back portion of the car was crushed and considered to be a totaled vehicle. Miraculously none of the children suffered any serious injuries.     

The Director of the Performing Arts and Head Coach of cheerleading suffered severe back injuries as well as nerve damage to her shoulder. She was taken by ambulance to the hospital and is recovering at home with her family. 

We are working hard with the insurance companies in hopes of a fast recovery. However, the at fault party's insurance company is less than proactive in helping the HHCF get back on its feet, so we are turning to you, our supporters and the community. 

The HHCF is responsible for Winter Camps, where we help kids of all social and economic backgrounds (many of our kids are on scholarship paid personally out of the pocket of the founder of the HHCF). The vehicle that was totaled was used to transport supplies, pick up students who could not afford to travel to the camps, pick up lunches and other needs of our camp families. It is also key in providing transportation for our camp supervisors and instructors. Without this transportation, we will be forced to cancel all the camps for the reminder of Dec and January. This will leave countless children with no supervised care and education, plus parents with no one to keep their children active and safe during their school breaks. 

How can you help?
- The HHCF needs a vehicle that can seat no less than 6 people at a time. We believe we can purchase a low price, used vehicle for roughly $9,000 if we chose a low end, high mileage used car. We are no looking for luxury. Just safety that can get our teachers, students and sometimes parents to and from the training facility. A vehicle that will have room to transport all the supplies we need for teaching as well.
- 3 HHCF Computers were destroyed in the accident. All computers were used as part of our Chess Lessons, Performing Arts, Entrepreneurship Youth Programs. These laptops and the programs on them value is between $528-$988 each. Our dream is to get all three replaced but would be elated is we could replace at least 1 of the computers before our camps resume on December 26 (camps can ONLY resume, if we are able to secure a vehicle). 
- Chess pieces. Large bags of chess pieces were broken up in the crash. These pieces were enough to cover at least 5 chess boards. 
- Teacher replacement: Due to the accident our lead Camp Director and Performing Arts Choreographer has been injured to the degree of being unable to teach all of her assigned programs. The HHCF must recruit/hire a replacement/assistant Teacher to take over some of the roles our Director can no longer fill. If we are lucky we will be able to find a volunteer to fill this role, but if we must hire someone during her recovery we will need at least $3,200 (this will cover the expense of the teacher/coach over the 6-12 weeks we have been told our Director needs to recover). 

We are a IRS recognized 501(c)3, any donation you make is tax deductible. If you own a Car Dealership or Manufacturer and you donate the car to the HHCF, you can write this off on your 2012 taxes. Anything you give will allow the HHCF to fulfill its obligations to the community we serve. 

Please understand our goal is to secure these items before we are forced to cancel another day of our winter programs which resume on December 26th. Every day we do not have these items is another day we must call and tell all our families we serve that they will have to seek other resources for their children during the break. 

Please share this will all our friends, family, local business, politicians, anyone whom you believe can help the HHCF fulfill its duties. We have never failed our families before and we will do what ever it takes to continue to help our children have a safe and happy place to go while their parents are hard at work.
We appreciate your kindness in these hard times. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: HHCF Founder Launches Podcast Show

                          Adisa & Mike Relm enjoy a quiet  game at the St. Louis Chess Club

We are proud to announce a new podcast show launched produced by Mike Relm called The Bishop Chronicles. Its about technology, music, chess and life. Please listen to it now and share it :

The Bishop Chronicles

We want to thank our sponsors , www.ctrlindustries, and of course, YOU.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

HHCF Hosting EXCLUSIVE Bay Area Screenings for Brooklyn Castle

CONTACT: Meek Gaborski

Hip-Hop Chess Federation Teams with The Jacka and Big Rich for Exclusive Bay Area Screenings of Brooklyn Castle Documentary
Oct. 11th 2012, San Francisco, CA- The Hip-Hop Chess Federation (HHCF) is proud to announce it will be hosting special FREE screenings of the award winning documentary  Brooklyn Castle. Brooklyn Castle tells the stories of five members of the chess team at a below-the-poverty-line inner city junior high school that has won more national championships than any other in the country. The film follows the challenges these kids face in their personal lives as well as on the chessboard, and is as much about the sting of their losses as it is about the anticipation of their victories.

HHCF will be hosting Brooklyn Castle screenings in San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose. After each screening a panel discussion hosted by Adisa Banjoko will take place about the evolution of chess, technology, art and education in America.Special guests at the San Francisco screening will be rappers The Jacka and Big Rich.

Hip-Hop Chess Federation founder Adisa Banjoko stated “America is witnessing the beginnings of  a cultural resurrection in chess. It is coming from the poor areas, where Hip-Hop thrives. Brooklyn Castle illustrates beautifully how this ancient game can move our emotions as well as our intellect. The HHCF is honored to be screening Brooklyn Castle and grateful to The Jacka and the other artists, martial artists and educators participating with us at these screenings.”

* Oct. 19th 8 PM Heroes Martial Arts 455 South First St. San Jose, CA . Panelists: Alan “Gumby Marques (Owner Heroes Martial Arts) Bboy A-Game (Style Elements/Hybrid Crew), Demone Carter (Future Arts Now) Kenny May (San Jose Universal Zulu Nation).

*Oct. 22nd  4 PM at Youth Uprising 8711 MacArthur Blvd., Oakland, CA. Special Guests include DLabrie and Shamako Noble (Hip-Hop Congress) other special guests TBA.

* Oct. 24th 3:30 PM John O’Connell High School in San Francisco (private screening by invite only). Panel discussion featuring rapper The Jacka, Big Rich (rapper/founder of Project Level), Graffiti muralist Carlos Rodriguez and Educator Arash Daneshzadeh.

See Brooklyn Castle trailer here:
Follow on Twitter @Brooklyn_Castle

See HHCF Checkmates trailer here:
Follow on Twitter @hiphopchess

Hip-Hop Chess Featured in Anti-Bullying Feat. in Oakland Local

Ya gotta love this...


HHCF Documentary Trailer: Checkmates

CheckmatesDoc from J.P. Garzone on Vimeo.

We expect this to be out in 2013. It has begun...We will not be stopped...All fates have changed.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Great tutorial from

HHCF Interviews John Smalls

Jiu Jitsu is a sport. The word jiu jitsu is Japanese for "the gentle art". Others argue that chess a sport and  art. Hip-Hop for many is seen as an art and sport. But what about Its so beautiful and important. One of my favorite Japanese woodblock print legend Hiroshige. He has a piece of a woman doing jiu jitsu on three men who attacked her. One is thrown into a river, one is running off and one I think is on the ground. I have it in a book on Aikido. I've never been moved as much as seeing martial art in art until I saw the work of John Smalls.

John Smalls is a NY based artist who has recently gained a lot of traction in the jiu jitsu world with his art. He is a talented, thoughtful man and he was gracious enough to let me speak with him. Here is our conversation. 

HHCF:  When did you begin your pursuit of art?

John Smalls:  I began this journey back in 1996-97, I started my professional career in 1999. I always had a passion for art but not until a teacher mentioned that I should pursue it as a career I never thought of it as a possible career. I only heard of comic book artist and deceased painters, but graphic arts was something new to me so I started to focus on that. From there I began to really study art and learn technique and the history.

HHCF: What were your biggest obstacles you had in discovering your favorite, medium, personal style etc? 

JS: My biggest obstacle is being colorblind. Being colorblind has advantages but can also throw a wrench in things. For example, I think I'm using gray but it's pink, things like that. I'll work with any medium, so far I haven't found a favorite.

HHCF:  Who motivated you to do art (in terms of other artists, and who inspired you within your family or extended family)? 

JS: My family has always encouraged me to create art, my mom especially. Growing up she would come home with these children sketchbooks(I was a teenager) but I would still rock them because I knew she paid for them. I have one friend who pushed me to the limits I'm at right now. Jesus Sifuentes, He was the main person who guided me along my path. Introducing me to books on artist not mentioned in the lime light but still where able to leave an impact on generations. I was fortunate to be able to learn from other artist along the way. 

HHCF: When did you first learn of jiu jitsu?

JS:  I started jiu jitsu almost four years ago. I learned of it from a documentary I saw on martial arts.

HHCF: When did you being to train in the gentle art? 

JS: I began training March 2009. I was studying kung fu for a few years but wasn't please with it do to the fact it was unpractical. I enjoy martial arts for many reason but in the end it has to be practical for life.

HHCF: What inspired you to choose jiu jitsu as a theme? How easy was that?

JS: It's not that I choose jiu jitsu as a theme I was just messing around and decided to do some artwork for some friends. I saw how people reacted to it, it was nothing like how people react to my normal everyday art. It just grew from that point. I generally paint or draw whatever interest me at the moment and jiu jitsu has become a main part of my life.

HHCF:  What piece of jiu jitsu art are you most happy with? 

JS: That's hard to say, but I started a book a few years ago. Every now and then I do a piece in it. Some are single page, some are double pages. It's all done with ink brush. It's a personal project I'm pleased with. When I flip thorough it, it tells a story about my journey with jiu jitsu and art.

HHCF: What jiu jitsu artists inspire you to paint?

JS: None. I know of a few artist that motivate me through there work. Like photographers, graphic artist and illustrators.

HHCF: Do you have any upcoming exhibits and where can people find you online to view and purchase your works?

JS I have no schedule exhibitions at the moment. People can find my and latest editions at and for purchasing artwork visit

HHCF: Any last words? 

JS: Keep moving forward.

Monday, September 3, 2012

In The Shadow of Sun Tzu, Chess & Jiu Jitsu

I train at Heroes Martial Arts in San Jose, CA. Its a very cool school. I don’t say that from a place of arrogance. We have some tough dudes there. Some true champions, some national champions and some unknown, ridiculous rugged folks on that mat.

Our head instructor Alan “Gumby” Marques is pretty amazing. He’s a quiet dude. Very deep intellectually and technically. He never says or does anything more than he needs to. I don’t say that lightly to suggest he’s lazy.

On the contrary he’s got a serious work ethic. One so big that when his instructor Ralph “The Pitbull” Gracie handed him a black was the one Ralph took off his waist, that he handed to Gumby.

On your first day of class at Heroes, you’ll be taught the essence of what Gumby things jiu jitsu is about, and life: Safety, Position, Finish.

That's it.

Sounds so simple but its so complex.

Essentially Gumby feels your first job in any conflict is safety. Get yourself safe from whatever is coming at you. After that, do what you must to improve your position. It can be a quick substantial movement, or it can me in incremental inches. Once you have achieved the best possible position, end the conflict by finishing them. In jiu jitsu, it would be a submission hold ( a choke, armlock, wristlock, kneelock, footlock etc.). On the chessboard, its checkmate in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Gumby believes that this method is whats best on the mat, in the boardroom, on the chessboard etc. No matter your conflict, you can use the “filter” of safety, position, finish to assess, reevaluate and elevate your situation with great clarity of mind and purpose. Its so beautiful, I believe it shines brightly in the shadow of military minds like Sun Tzu and Machiavelli.

One of the clearest connections between jiu jitsu and chess is a chess theme called zugzwang. It's a German word, made specifically for the game of chess.  It means "move compulsion". I first learned of this going through the Ubisoft Chessmaster game in the Josh Waitzkin academy. For those unfamiliar with the term, zugzwang is when you place your opponent in positions that force them into positionally or materially worse positions, irrespective of what move they choose. Each move leaves them worse for the ware until there is nothing left but the checkmate.

In jiu jitsu, one of the most ideal positions is called The Mount. I’m not really sure who “discovered” the power in this position, but Helio Gracie (founder of the Gracie Jiu Jitsusystem) created an entire methodology  based on its importance.  From this position you are pinning your opponent with your hips, and arms (kind of like the skirmishes you might have gotten into with your older brother or sister. Once there you can change the pressure on the chest and the belly. You can threaten the neck with chokes or torque the shoulder. Or, you can just smother your opponent with pressure and clean movements until panic sets in. The onset of panic forces them to make mistakes. Most often they move right into another position called The Back Mount. Now the opponent is not facing you, your chest is on their back. Your legs hook their lower torso and your arms clasp the upper torso. From the Back Mount, there are a limited set of effective defense responses from the opponent. At that point a choke called “The Lion Killer” is most often applied and the match is over.

Of the many similarities discussed between chess and martial arts, specifically jiu jitsu I find zugzwang to be the most profound. But even more profound is how zugzwang can be masked by different players. Especially according to their psychology. A seemingly silly blunder by your opponent incites you to quickly snatch up a knight. Now you discover the horror of a discovered check as a penalty for your lack of observation. That discovered check soon unveils a series of checks. Soon we see the king escorted slowly to the gallows- zugzwang.  

The first step in developing zugzwang is really just doing one move checkmate puzzles that help you see the reality of the situation for what it is. In jiu jitsu it would be studying the nuances of a cross choke form the mount to ensure all the elements of your base are in tact, the depth of the choke is proper etc. This is clearly a benefit of chess that helps martial artists as well as average citizens.

The clarity of mind that comes from doing one move checkmates is almost unreal. You think you see all the entries and exits that are blocked for the king but the mate is not there. On the mat you squeeze with all your might but the wrist position is off. You try to move the bishop when its the rook that gets it done. You might apply the choke with all your might but give no regard to the placement of your feet- allowing him to escape. You over think the position on the board and try to smash with the queen when its the pawn that lands the final blow.

That last scenario is so crucial to understand. Its why my instructors personal way of always using exactly the right amount of effort for any job is so mind blowing. Not as much a mind blowing idea, but a mind blowing function in reality.  The Confucian teachers from the Ming dynasty had a quote that resonates with me when I think of those situations. “To go too far, is just as bad as not going far enough.” Balanced effort, the right tools for the job, proper planning, zugzwang- learn to apply it on the mat, on the board and in life. Please look into these ideas and let me know what you think. I encourage you to share your thoughts directly with me at

Sunday, September 2, 2012

HHCF Tournament at Rock The Bells!!! RZA Makes Special Appearance!

                                         Adisa with Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazines Gene Ching
                                         Don (2nd pl), Adisa, Scott (1st pl), A-Plus from
                                          Souls of Mischief
                                         after the HHCF Rock The Bells Chess Tournament!!
                                          Carlos Rodriguez, Yin Diesel, Immortal Technique, Adisa
Adisa and Immortal Technique play a game!
                                         RZA before playing two people at once, and winning...

                                        Adisa setting up to battle RZA....I lost horribly...LOL

HHCF was invited to Rock The Bells tour by RZA of the mighty Wu-Tang Clan. At our booth the boards stayed packed ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT. We even had a chess tournament on the second day....So dope...So many people from Norway, Canada, Texas, NY, all over took time to hang on the boards. I will give more details soon. But here are a few photos. RZA and Immortal Technique even took the boards for a bit. This was historic in so many ways. Much thanks to RZA, Tam, Divine, Joe and Carla, everybody on the Rock The Bells staff....Carlos (both of you), Helene, Eli and all  my Reyes Muertos Klothing familia for teaming with HHCF for the booth. It was great.  For more photos check out

A look back at HHCF Chess Summer Camp

This was the best summer ever!! So much fun, so many kids...So many lessons taught, and learned....Enjoy your school year and we'll see you next summer!

                                         Every Friday we had a tournament...
                                          These two had some epic battles...
                                          This is how chess makes them feel!!
                                         Much thanks to everybody at 9 Queens!!

                                         HHCF kids, keep us smiling!

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Join the HHCF Newsletter today! For a long time people have been asking us to do a newsletter. I never wanted to do it mainly, cause I hate spam in my email and I wanted to make sure it would be sending something actually valuable. So, now we got it figured out!

Sign up for the HHCF Newsletter to get original content on chess, jiu jitsu, Hip-Hop and exclusive interviews, chess tutorials, limited edition t-shirt exclusives, contests, videos and podcasts ....Plus inside info on our upcoming events will be posted in the newsletter before anybody else sees it. Looking forward to sharing ideas with you guys.


Much respect,

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

ZION I ....learn about em....

Some of the old, aging, off beat, unhealthy, outta touch people in the traditional chess world openly oppose Hip-Hop. At the same time they try to pretend to care about the youth and their ideas. Such hypocrites are the reason why so many k
ids don't feel welcome at their events. Meanwhile our events stay packed...overflowing with underserved youth looking for new options in life. HHCF provides that without judgement.....These chess dinosaurs know nothing about who we are, who the youth embrace, what we believe and the greatness we seek to give to the earth....As they pine away like old cranes in a lake, we will awaken the worlds children and bring balance back to humanity...We will do it with music, with chess and martial arts....TOGETHER....

Much love,

Jrobi with the Evans Gambit

Sunday, July 29, 2012



Thursday, July 26, 2012

Learn to think like a Grandmaster!

For parents who want to let their kids listen to rap related music...but fear the ly

Stuff like this is very cool. Its a live band that replays rap instrumentals with solos.....Enjoy...

This is educational for kids, because they learn about the musicality of rap music. Its educational for parents because they get a chance to learn about rap music beyond the words....then they can reengage the art WITH the words and learn more about the world around them.

This is gonna be GREAT for music culture in the bay!!

For Immediate Release
Zsa-Zsa Rensch
Yoshi Akiba of Yoshi's Jazz Club Launches 51Oakland Non-Profit Organization with a Two-Day Community Fundraiser
-- Benefiting Performing Arts and Music Education in Oakland Public Schools - 7/29 & 7/30

(Oakland, CA) - Wednesday, July 25, 2012 - Forty years ago Yoshi Akiba and her partners launched the first incarnation of Yoshi's Jazz Club and Japanese Restaurant. Once a small Berkeley restaurant, Yoshi's is now recognized for bringing world-class musicians to its Oakland and San Francisco locations, while showcasing an array of local talent. Now, Akiba is expanding her vision to include Oakland youth with the launch of 51Oakland, a non-profit organization in partnership with Yoshi's Jazz Club, that promotes educational, artistic and musical opportunities for Oakland youth. This weekend the organization will host two all-ages events benefiting performing arts and music education in Oakland public schools. "Oakland children do not have enough opportunity," she says noting the funding cuts for arts and music programming in the schools. "We want to create opportunities for them that they've lost."

The indoor and outdoor celebration at Oakland's Toast Wine Lounge will kick-off the two-day community fundraiser on Sunday, July 29th. Hosted by Yoshi Akiba, with a special appearance from Don Reed, the event is from noon to 9pm and will feature live musical performances every hour, on the hour. Attendees will enjoy selections from David Gans(Host of KPFA's "Dead To The World," and Sirius XM's "Tales From The Golden Road"), Kev Choice (keyboardist, composer, band leader, educator), Jordan McConnell (Grammy nominated musician), Cava Menzies Quartet featuring Shawn Whitehorn (keyboardist, educator), OUSD Ensemble, and DJ Jah Styles. Guests can also enjoy a delicious family-friendly menu and participate in a silent auction.

Don Reed, double NAACP Theatre award nominee, writer and Oakland native, revives his critically acclaimed one-man show East 14th: True Tales of a Reluctant Player for day two of fundraising in support of arts in Oakland public schools. The special one night only performance will take place at Yoshi's Oakland on Monday, July 30th. Praised by The New YorkerSan Francisco Chronicle, and East Bay Express, the play explores surprising family dynamics, rebellion, and the complexity of one's moral compass.

Proceeds from both events go to making sure that Oakland students are afforded the resources and opportunities that will enable them to become the world-class musicians and artists that have been celebrated on the Yoshi's stage for the last 40 years.

About 51Oakland
51Oakland was established in 2011 by Yoshi Akiba, co-owner of the renowned musical venues, Yoshi's Oakland and Yoshi's San Francisco, and Jason Hofmann, a young Oakland-based entrepreneur and former educator who, within the last few years, has become increasingly involved in philanthropic activities benefiting youth.

51Oakland, a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, is organized and operated solely to promote educational, artistic and musical opportunities for youth in the Oakland community. An advocate of the Oakland Unified School District, 51Oakland provides access to mentoring, nurturing and training by professional musicians and, later this year, will underwrite and organize a monthly concert series, "Live at Yoshi's," featuring Oakland's finest youth talent.



Sunday, July 29, 2012
51Oakland Presents
A Fundraiser Benefiting Arts and Music Education in Oakland Public Schools
Featuring Live Music, Comedy & More!
with Performances by:
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Appearance by Don Reed, Hosted by Yoshi Akiba
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Monday, July 30, 2012
51Oakland Presents
True Tales of a Reluctant Player
A Fundraiser Benefiting Arts and Music Education in Oakland Public Schools.
Yoshi's Oakland
510 Embarcadero West, Jack London Square
Oakland, CA 94607
Doors: 8 p.m.
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All Ages (Contains some mature language and themes)

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Monday, July 23, 2012

7 Year Old Girl Shocks World, Winning Step Up Revolution VIP Grand Champion Dance Competition

HHCF Founder Adisa Banjoko with Sarah

7 Year Old Girl Stuns the World Winning Step Up Revolution VIP Grand Champion Dance Competition

July 23rd- San Jose, CA- The Hip-Hop Chess Federation (HHCF) hosted the first ever Step Up Revolution All Styles Dance Competition. The event took place at the Alum Rock Youth Center in San Jose, CA. “This battle was meant to get kids off the street and showcase the amazing dance talent in the Bay Area. No doubt this mission was accomplished.”

The day began with a workshop from world renown Bboy A-Game from Hybrid Crew/Style Elements. He taught an introductory class on the fundamental Bboy movements that left young novices flowing seamlessly from top rocking, to crisp floor work.

The competition was DJ’ed by Kool DJ Dizzy of All Tribes Zulu Nation chapter and judged by San Jose Bboy Anonymous and Funkee Asiatic of All Tribes Zulu Nation.

The day’s all styles battle was conducted in an “Iron Man” format that came down to a faceoff  between popper’s Shez and Maze, both representing San Jose. After a grueling 5 rounds Shez and Maze tied for first.
                         L to R All Style Champions Tied for 1st Place Maze & Shez with Sarah

The shock of the day however was a 7 year old known only as Sarah, who took the floor by storm and won the Step Up Revolution VIP Grand Champion. Her 2 minute 30 second routine was an amazing blend of modern Hip-Hop Dance, crumping, tutting and turf dancing that was packed with intensity. “The energy Sara hit the floor with was unmatched. Her choreography was composed so well.” said HHCF Founder Adisa Banjoko. “The only problem was that her trophy was almost as big as she was. She has authentic star power.”

Sarah said after winning “I had a great time dancing today, because I love to dance and I love my trophy!” Her parents stated “There were some amazing dancers at the event today. We are so excited for Sarah and proud that she got to be part of this great event and raise money for HHCF and give back to the community.”

The Hip-Hop Chess Federation would like to give a deep thanks to  Ed Solis, Mona Martinez and everybody from the Alum Rock Youth Center and the City of San Jose. They gave these youth and their families an amazing place to display their skills. We also want to be sure to thank King Kenny of San Jose Universal Zulu Nation Chapter, San Francisco All Tribes Chapter, Demone Carter of Future Arts Now,, Rahman Jamaal, Som Ngeth, Bboy A-Game, Bboy Aftashock, IDC Magazine, Raw Talents and of course  the creators of Step Up Revolution for trusting us to put on such a fun event.

For more info on the Hip-Hop Chess Federation visit:
PHOTO 1:  PHOTO 2: Lto R All Style Champions Tied for 1st Place Maze & Shez with Sarah

Monday, July 9, 2012

HHCF Summer Camp Feats. Celeb Visits via Airtime Technology

Hip-Hop Chess Federation Enlists Rappers Chuck D, Rakaa & Asheru for Online Mentoring Using Airtime Video Conferencing via Facebook

July 9, 2012- San Jose, CA- Hip-Hop Chess Federation (HHCF)  is proud to announce that its Live The Game Summer Camps will feature online mentoring sessions with businessmen,
 rappers, pro skaters and athletes. HHCF summer camps allow kids to develop core skill sets in chess, anti-bullying techniques, as well as allow participants to engage in performing arts and dance programs. The camps are based in Fremont, California and run every week until the beginning of September 2012.

This one of a kind chess camp was created to balance the exercise of the mind and the body. Various notables from the chess community including Jean Hoffman of 9 Queens, African-American chess champion Diamond Shakoor and others others will teach foundational chess themes to the kids. The HHCF’s founder will reinforce how the same themes can be played out in life. To add an extra edge to their camps, the HHCF has gathered some of the most innovative businessmen, entertainers and athletes to talk to the youth on Airtime. Airtime is the latest video conferencing technology created by Napster founder Shawn Fanning and Facebook's Sean Parker.

“We believe that Airtime is the perfect tool for us to use to teach with” said HHCF Founder and President Adisa Banjoko. “We understand that we are dealing with leaders of industry who cannot visit HHCF summer camps as much as they’d like. Airtime, allows them to engage our kids effortlessly on such an expansive platform. It's fun and easy to use and we love it. Many of the same technologies used to entertain our youth can be used to educate. If our technology fails to educate and inspire our youth, then it fails us all.”

Some of the artists lined up to speak to the youth include but are not limited to Chuck D of Public Enemy, Rakaa of Dilated Peoples, Asheru (creator of the Boondocks Theme Song), T-KASH, Def Poetry Jam’s Amir Sulaiman, Hollywood casting agent Kristin Curtin, MMA Fight Dr. Peter Goldman, Video remix king Mike Relm, MMA fighter Ralek Gracie and many other surprise guests.

These sessions will allow the young people to engage these artists and ask questions about how these people achieved their dreams and what work ethic, education and discipline they will need to actualize their own vision of the future.

Live The Game in house visits at HHCF camps include Pro skater Jordan Richter, chess author Eric Schiller, CEO Pablo Fuentes, Brazilian  Jiu Jitsu masters Alan “Gumby” Marques, Denny “300” Prokopos, David Frazee Esq. and others.

Families with economic hardships can apply for financial aid. HHCF is currently running a summer camp special on Groupon.

For more information on HHCF Live The Game summer camps visit: or

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