Update on ER 2012 Fundraiser

As promised we want to keep everyone up to date on how our Emergency Fundraiser is going since the Accident that incapacitated the HHCF in many ways.

As of 12/29/12, the HHCF has raised nearly 30% of the funds needed. Now, this is not enough to keep all our Winter Camps up and running. Without raising the full amount, we are unable to do our usual pick up and drop off of the disadvantage youth we usually cater to during these times. Its a tough situation because for years we have provided a safe alternative for kids when school is on break and parent(s) are at work.
The parents are understanding a appreciative because they know our organization has gone beyond all means possible to keep next weeks camps open. We have committed to checking in with the kids we serve using online services such as Skype and Facebook Chat to make sure they have someone to still guide them during this school break.

We are very thankful to Miss Tami, Miss Jones, Miss Williams, Mr. Michael, Miss Rhanee for helping with the camp during the week of Dec. 24-Dec 28th. Thank you for hosting overnight sleepovers, dropping off food for lunches, volunteering to play cab driver - all the drop offs and pick ups, driving across the Bay to get teacher(s) to or from the training facility. And of course, last weeks Donations that helped cover many of the expenses associated with this camp. Without all of you the camp would have been canceled and many kids would not have had all the fun and education in a safe and caring environment.

Update on the insurance companies efforts to take care of their responsibilities:
We have submitted all documents, pictures, medical and police reports. The HHCF Founder has made it his goal to make sure everyone does their part. We have been advised that if the insured may have only enough coverage to take care all the damages created in the accident. We will keep you up to date on everything and we again thank you for all that you have done to keep HHCF serving the community. Despite the cancellation of next weeks camps, we hope that we will reach our fundraising goal and will be able to re-open all our After-School and Community programs by the 1st week of the new year.

Please share with friends and family, co-workers and more. Also, for those who have donated, the HHCF does qualify for Company Match. So if your company has a Donation Match Program, be sure to submit the Match Claim ASAP.


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