Latest Emergency Fundraiser Update

Hi Everyone,

Due to the injury sustained by the Programs/Camp Director (who happens to teach our Performing Arts, a few chess programs, Cheer and Dance programs), we have moved forward on looking for a replacement as stated in our Fundraising Efforts page.

We have placed an add in hopes to find someone who can be the perfect assistant to our Director. Someone who can be the hands-on teacher that our Director can not continue to be. We hope for her speedy recovery, but we are putting your funds to work to keep the programs running.

Once we have found her replacement (assistant), we will be sure to announce to everyone.

As stated, we are also working on replacing the damaged supplies. We have placed orders for replacement boards and pieces that were destroyed in the accident.

We still have a long way to go, so please share our fundraiser page

Thank you & Have a wonderful New Year!

The Hip-Hop Chess Federation Family

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