Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Hip-Hop Chess Federation Emergency Fundraiser

Accident leaves HHCF in need this Holiday Season. TheHip-Hop Chess Federation is the worlds first non-profit to fuse music, chess and martial arts, to promote unity, strategy and nonviolence. We've teach chess, anti-bullying techniques and the importance of keeping mind body balance to kids all over SF Bay Area. In addition to these programs, we offer a performing arts division which has a CheerleadingDance and Acting program. Our performing arts programs cheerleaders and dancers are proud holders of 4 National/International Titles and 1 Division Championship. Our organization has been seen on the over of Chess Life and featured in NY Times, Forbes.com, Good Morning America and SJ Mercury News.

Sadly, last week the only vehicle the organization has was struck from behind while sitting in stopped traffic on the freeway. In the backseat sat the three children of the founder (ages 3, 11, 14). The back portion of the car was crushed and considered to be a totaled vehicle. Miraculously none of the children suffered any serious injuries.     

The Director of the Performing Arts and Head Coach of cheerleading suffered severe back injuries as well as nerve damage to her shoulder. She was taken by ambulance to the hospital and is recovering at home with her family. 

We are working hard with the insurance companies in hopes of a fast recovery. However, the at fault party's insurance company is less than proactive in helping the HHCF get back on its feet, so we are turning to you, our supporters and the community. 

The HHCF is responsible for Winter Camps, where we help kids of all social and economic backgrounds (many of our kids are on scholarship paid personally out of the pocket of the founder of the HHCF). The vehicle that was totaled was used to transport supplies, pick up students who could not afford to travel to the camps, pick up lunches and other needs of our camp families. It is also key in providing transportation for our camp supervisors and instructors. Without this transportation, we will be forced to cancel all the camps for the reminder of Dec and January. This will leave countless children with no supervised care and education, plus parents with no one to keep their children active and safe during their school breaks. 

How can you help?
- The HHCF needs a vehicle that can seat no less than 6 people at a time. We believe we can purchase a low price, used vehicle for roughly $9,000 if we chose a low end, high mileage used car. We are no looking for luxury. Just safety that can get our teachers, students and sometimes parents to and from the training facility. A vehicle that will have room to transport all the supplies we need for teaching as well.
- 3 HHCF Computers were destroyed in the accident. All computers were used as part of our Chess Lessons, Performing Arts, Entrepreneurship Youth Programs. These laptops and the programs on them value is between $528-$988 each. Our dream is to get all three replaced but would be elated is we could replace at least 1 of the computers before our camps resume on December 26 (camps can ONLY resume, if we are able to secure a vehicle). 
- Chess pieces. Large bags of chess pieces were broken up in the crash. These pieces were enough to cover at least 5 chess boards. 
- Teacher replacement: Due to the accident our lead Camp Director and Performing Arts Choreographer has been injured to the degree of being unable to teach all of her assigned programs. The HHCF must recruit/hire a replacement/assistant Teacher to take over some of the roles our Director can no longer fill. If we are lucky we will be able to find a volunteer to fill this role, but if we must hire someone during her recovery we will need at least $3,200 (this will cover the expense of the teacher/coach over the 6-12 weeks we have been told our Director needs to recover). 

We are a IRS recognized 501(c)3, any donation you make is tax deductible. If you own a Car Dealership or Manufacturer and you donate the car to the HHCF, you can write this off on your 2012 taxes. Anything you give will allow the HHCF to fulfill its obligations to the community we serve. 

Please understand our goal is to secure these items before we are forced to cancel another day of our winter programs which resume on December 26th. Every day we do not have these items is another day we must call and tell all our families we serve that they will have to seek other resources for their children during the break. 

Please share this will all our friends, family, local business, politicians, anyone whom you believe can help the HHCF fulfill its duties. We have never failed our families before and we will do what ever it takes to continue to help our children have a safe and happy place to go while their parents are hard at work.
We appreciate your kindness in these hard times. 

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