HHCF a non-profit with full 501(c)3 status! Transparency is key for any non-profit!

Transparency is important for any non-profit. This 
allows for contributors to non-profits understand 
where their donations are placed. Everyone has a 
right to see the IRS non-profit filings, but we go even 
a step further. Any donors who wish to know exactly 
where their donations are applied can receive a 
detailed funds accountability form which shows an 
annual accountant form reflecting donations and how 
they are applied. 

We know that there are so many people who are 
concerned about the actions of non-profits and the 
Hip-Hop Chess Federation and their Board want to 
assure you that your funds are applied exactly as they 
are intended for. If you ever have a question as to 
where you donations went, we will never hesitate to 
provide you with that information. The Hip-Hop 
Chess Federation is proud to be one of the only 
organizations in California to use less than 3% of its 
donations to administrative cost. The Founder and 
CEO, VP, CFO collectively have received less than 
$3,000 in total salaries (far below their guaranteed 
salaries) over the last 5 years. We are proud of the 
dedication of our founder and the whole HHCF team 
is to providing a environment where our donors can 
be confident their donations are helping those 

If you have donated to the Hip-Hop Chess Federation 
and have a question regarding where your funds have 
been applied, please contact 
memg@hiphopchessfederation.org. Be sure to include 
a copy of your receipt which shows the amount and 
year of donation so we can supply you with the proper 

*If you donated to another organization on behalf of 
the Hip-Hop Chess Federation, please be advised that 
the HHCF has never received any funds from any 
other organizations, you will need to contact the 
organization who collected the funds .  You will 
not be able to use HHCF as a tax deductible if your 
funds were not directly transferred to the HHCF.

Donations are deductible in the State of California as 
of 10/2007

Donations are deductible on Federal Taxes as of 

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