Sunday, September 2, 2012

HHCF Tournament at Rock The Bells!!! RZA Makes Special Appearance!

                                         Adisa with Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazines Gene Ching
                                         Don (2nd pl), Adisa, Scott (1st pl), A-Plus from
                                          Souls of Mischief
                                         after the HHCF Rock The Bells Chess Tournament!!
                                          Carlos Rodriguez, Yin Diesel, Immortal Technique, Adisa
Adisa and Immortal Technique play a game!
                                         RZA before playing two people at once, and winning...

                                        Adisa setting up to battle RZA....I lost horribly...LOL

HHCF was invited to Rock The Bells tour by RZA of the mighty Wu-Tang Clan. At our booth the boards stayed packed ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT. We even had a chess tournament on the second day....So dope...So many people from Norway, Canada, Texas, NY, all over took time to hang on the boards. I will give more details soon. But here are a few photos. RZA and Immortal Technique even took the boards for a bit. This was historic in so many ways. Much thanks to RZA, Tam, Divine, Joe and Carla, everybody on the Rock The Bells staff....Carlos (both of you), Helene, Eli and all  my Reyes Muertos Klothing familia for teaming with HHCF for the booth. It was great.  For more photos check out

Pop Smoke: Gangs, Guns and Dying Young

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