Immortal Game Author David Shenk & Art of Learning Author Josh Waitzkin Share The Wisdom of the 64 Squares

Of all the history books I have read on chess, nothing compares to The Immortal Game. Written by David Shenk, it gives the reader fantastic details on the creation, evolution and innovations on the Royal Game.

The main thing I walked away from is that every individual, race, religion or culture that has dedicated itself to the 64 squares - has been enriched. The game has never betrayed its player. Indians, Muslims, Jews, Christians, Whites, Blacks, Latinos, Chinese, Russians, Cubans, Americans etc. - all beneficiaries of the 64 squares. There is also a great section on technology and chess. Sooooo deep. I have read several books on chess history. But The Immortal Game stands alone as the most complete, most fun to read, most informational and (for me the most important) its the most human.

Josh Waitzkin is author of The Art of Learning and one of the first supporters of the Hip-Hop Chess Federation. He gave his time and his spirit to what we envisioned and we are grateful for that. The Art of Learning was named the official book of the Hip-Hop Chess Federation because of its wisdom, strength and beauty. For anyone looking for the connections between chess and marital arts- look no further.

If you are a student, parent, teacher, chess lover or martial artist this is book is a must read. You will not only learn what holds other people back from what they want. You'll also learn whats held YOU back from the things you want out of life. Be clear, this book is not a sappy self help book. It gives the reader realistic options for improving their ability to get what they want out of life. My only problem with The Art of Learning, was that I wished he wrote the book earlier. I needed this book a long time ago! The Art of Learning is mandatory reading for anyone trying to understand the Hip-Hop Chess Federation.

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