Know the true cost of combat...and you'll be more likely to seek peace.

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Woe to the statesman whose reason for entering a war do not appear so plausible at its end as at its beginning. - Otto von Bismarck

When you understand the true cost of war, you'll seek another path. Any bully can sneak up and punch someone they despise. Any self proclaimed gangster can plot a slopy ambush of an opponent. But real warriors, know the cost of combat.

Shaolin monks are some of the worlds most respected individuals on earth. They possess the intimate knowledge of what it takes to hurt man- so they seek peace in every circumstance.

There is a huge difference between someone throwing a wild punch, and another who has been trained on exactly how to break and dislocate his opponents arm. The one with exact knowledge of how to break and dislocate will be much more prone to avoiding having to take that action against anyone. This is because he is more responsible for his actions. He knows how the arm will break, how much time it will take to heal etc. Through his training he also my know what it feels like. It may have been applied to him in hsi past. This gives him a level of compassion in some of the most dangerous situations.

Violence always cost more than you think it does. Most of us know someone who died, or was permanently maimed through violence. Can you really put a price on taking a mans site? What is cost of putting a woman in a wheelchair with a bullet? How do we tally the mental scars that heal after the knife wound has healed up?

With just one more reflective act in the mind of the violent...One more breath taken to contemplate their action- it could have been avoided.

The prisons are packed with people who regret not taking that reflective breath in a moment of anger. Don't let yourself be one of them.

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