Shamako Noble & Adisa Banjoko Tangle on the 64...Its WAR!

Ya know people like to talk about competitions, trophies and all that. But what about just some cool chess playin'? What about just cooling out with some pizza, a nice cold beverage and gettin' ya game on???

Thats what Shamako Noble of Hip-Hop Congress and I got into the other day. It was fun beyond words. I think friends who play chess are closer and have a higher level of respect for one another than those that don't. I'm sure that I'm a bit biased. But no matter how close or distant you become with any friend, you remember the battle, the blunders and the laughs.

Shamako Noble is a warrior for Hip-Hop and a chess playin' MC if I ever knew one.


After a valiant fight- Shamako's king goes down.

Shamako has been one of the HHCF's first supporters. In fact, at our first event (Hip-Hop, Chess & Life Strategies) in San Jose at the MLK Library, he got us the venue after the first venue pulled out!! He saved us for real. That first event could not have happened without him. Much props to Hip-Hop Congress!!


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